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Crappy mom of the year goes to.....


I noticed on the 20th of March that L's thumb was not extending to straight. I wondered if I just needed to have him practice gripping and strengthen it.  I called the pedi, spoke to the triage nurse, and she said they would call back after talking to the doc.  They didnt call back, so I figured that it was not a big deal and could wait till his 6mth appt on the 15th of April. 

I just let it go, until yesterday, I called again and they said that they were sorry they didn't call back and wanted me to come in today to see it. I was still thinking it was not his dominate hand, so they would just tell me to practice with his grip and opening and closing.  Nope....

We have an appt for Friday to see an Orthopedist (sp) at Childrens.  They mentioned x-rays, and possibly surgery. So tonight i went through his pictures the last couple months and I think it started happening around the 5th of March.  I just can't believe it took me two weeks to notice that he could not straighten his thumb.  How could I be so unobservant?

Re: Crappy mom of the year goes to.....

  • You're not a bad mom!  Not the exact same, but my dog had a broken (down the root) molar.  It must have been like that for months.  If they seem okay and happy, I think it might be easy to not see things.  You deal with so much for the first time when you're a mom.   He's going to be okay!
  • You are NOT a bad mother.  NOT not NOT!!! 
  • You are not a crappy mom!  There is no way any mom can stay on top of every single detail of her baby.  They change too much every day!
    Isabella and Caitlin
    Our Blog
  • Oh no!  I'm sorry.  =(

    You are NOT a bad mom.  It's hard to catch everything - especially when they can't tell you that something doesn't feel right.



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