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German speakers

LiteBrite's post about not having a chance to practice her German struck a chord with me.  I took 4 years of college German, had a Swiss boyfriend for a while, and could carry on a normal conversation (okay, normal for a slightly grammar-challenged person). I used to go to a Kaffeeklatsch in Boulder for expats and Americans who spoke decent German, but I dropped out of that several years ago when I got too busy. I'd love to have a get-together with German speakers occasionally to practice!

Re: German speakers

  • I would love to do that! I lived in Munich for 4 years, so I was pretty fluent, but my German is definitely not as good as it was. 
  • image maddie80:
    My German is definitely not as good as it was. 

    Nor is mine. I have some German expat friends, but they have professional careers in the US and speak perfect English.  They sometimes get me to read stories in German to their toddler or carry on conversations with them if they ply me with beer.  Other than that, I never get to practice and both my vocabulary and grammar have gone down the tubes.



  • I'd be up for that! I'd definitely have to do some boning up beforehand, though. My vocab is seriously deficient these days. :)

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  • I wish I had stayed up on my German. When my grandparents died, we mainly spoke it only during the holidays when everyone was together. It is definitely true that little kids can pick up languages super easy though, I learned it as I was really learning English.
  • Someday, when we move back to Denver, I will come!  I lived there in HS and after college, and then worked in a German environment back in DC.  It's been way too long. 
  • i might be interested -- though i haven't studied for YEARS!
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  • I studied 4 years of German in HS, then minored in it in college.  The last time I really used it was in Switzerland about 6 years ago.  Everytime we go to Cafe Berlin for dinner, I kind of secretly wish the owner would speak to me in German so I could give it a try again.  But it never happens and I even chicken out when I go to order, too.

    However, it's been so long that I think I would just prefer to listen if we did a German GTG.  Unless I've been drinking.  I've determined that I'm a lot more confident in my foreign language skills if I've had a few drinks in me. :)

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  • It sounds to me like all of us are pretty rusty, so we could be rusty together and reinforce each other's bad habits.  If we practiced up, I might invite my German friend, but I always need a lot of  drinks before I switch languages with her.
  • If you are open to having a guy join you, my DH might be interested.  He was very close to a double-major in German in college (didn't want to take the english grammar classes) and did a semester abroad in Germany.  I know he wishes he still was keeping up on it but there is no real opportunity here.
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  • My DH also speaks does his mom (that was her first language).  It's pretty cool to hear them talk, but I have no idea what they are saying!  If you guys ever want to listen to some German music, there is this really talented singer named, Xavier Nadoo.  I really like his stuff even though I have no idea what he is saying.  lol

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