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So yeah it was a LONG day (Kinda long)

The dilation went just fine. The lights didn't bother me at all. I was pretty much able to see again by the end of the appointment. Unfortunately, I missed 2 calls from DH while I was in there. He sounded upset on his messages. He called me back right before I went back in to the optometrist's office. Luckily, they were understanding and let me talk to him before going in.

Come to find out, they're moving DH today. He's going to be switching sites every 30 days. Which means that more than likely, he won't be getting R&R for our anniversary. (Oct. 16th) :( BOOOOO! But, we might be able to get it for Thanksgiving. So there's something to look forward to.

I went to Eyemart Express to get my glasses. I had to wait 2 1/2 hours for both pairs of glasses. (I wanted sunglasses for when I drive. The sun messes with me something serious.) I went back there at 3:00, when they told me to. I got my regular pair, but the sunglasses weren't dark enough, or so they said, so I was told to wait another 20 mins. Okay, no problem. An hour goes by and the people are staring at me, but not talking to me. I finally had enough and asked them WTH was going on. "Ok let us go check on them." When the guy got out "I'm sorry, there's a bit of bad news. They were trying to tint them and broke them. We have to remake the sunglasses." Then he says, "I'm sorry I know I told you 20 mins and you've been waiting an hour. You'll just have to come back tomorrow morning to pick them up."

I left there acting like I was going to CHOKE the guy. At least I have a pair so I can see where I'm driving now. lol

Also, I got a call from Rear D. Yeah, the 1st Sgt wants to come by here to "see how we're doing". I think they want to make sure the house hasn't gone to hell and to make sure we're not living in filth. (It has happened with some spouses in our unit.) I figure this will be a good chance to ask all the questions that I didn't get answered before the deployment. (Redcross messages, call rosters, things like that)

Wow, I didn't mean for this to be that long. lol Sorry ladies!

"Momma! She's doing it again!!" Photobucket

Re: So yeah it was a LONG day (Kinda long)

  • Glad to hear the eye appt went somewhat well.  I'm sorry that the sunglasses took forever.  I know how frustrating that is.  I ordered contact that they said would take up to two weeks, yeah try almost 4.  I was livid.

    At least your DH gets R&R.  Mine won't be home til September but he doesn't get mid-tour.  Not happy.

  • Glad the dilation went well.  I hate that part. 

    Sorry getting the new glasses was such a PITA.  But yay for being able to see when you drive.

    Sorry that getting to see your DH has been pushed back.  That sucks.
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  • I'm sorry the eye docs broke your sunglasses. Hopefully they will have them done tomorrow and all you have to do is pick them up. :)

    One thing I've learned is that dates always change, but you'll be able to make up for lost time when he does finally get home. :) Who knows, maybe he will be home in October. Are you thinking you will do anything special for R&R/Thanksgiving/Anniversary? ?Like a mini getaway?

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