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Just finished The thirteenth tale (no spoilers)

So when I started this book, I was a bit dissapointed, but then I hit around pg 62 and I couldn't put it down! I got totally entrapped in the story and the history of Miss Winter, it was like a puzzle, at some stages I would make discoveries around the same time as the narrator, at others I let the narrator trick me into thinking I had found the correct piece of the puzzle and some times I didn't even realise the impact of what had been said.

It's probably one of the best books I have read in a while and recommend it - as long as you can make it over the first hurdle.

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Re: Just finished The thirteenth tale (no spoilers)

  • This is on my shelf at home...I can't wait to get to it!
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  • I have been thinking of getting this at the library but couldn't make up my mind about whether it sounded like something I would like or not. I think I will go ahead and get it!
  • I also had a hard time with the beginning.  In fact, I put it down for a few weeks and then returned to it and ended up loving it.  It really is a great story!

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  • it is seriously on of my all time favorites!  such a great story!  i'm glad you ended up loving it.
  • I loved loved loved that one!  I am a big sucker for books about book lovers.
  • I loved that book!  I don't know the right words to explain it...but it really hit me in a way that very few books do.  It was like I completely appreciated the book itself, not just the story that the book contained.
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  • I love this book ? it's one of my favorites. Glad you loved it.
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  • I really liked that book too- what a great story!
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  • I'm glad you said this I read about 20 pages of it, and haven't really wanted to pick it back up, now I'm intrigued
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  • This is so not a genre I would normally read, but I LOVED it.  One of the best books I read last year.  I actually listened to it on cd, and it was so great -- the narrators were wonderful, and it was like listening to a mystery or ghost story.  I looked forward to my commute for once!
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