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6:00 mile?

Just because I'm bored I will post a recent irritation I have...

I have a cousin that I haven't seen in like 12 years, but she friended me on facebook so I accepted.  We were in the same grade and classes throughout school.  She was always a liar, didn't really have many friends because she was just a weirdo and always made up stories and tried to make herself seem better then she was (due to lack of self esteem I assume). She did this a lot with our family and especially my grandmother too...since we were in the same grade she was always trying to one up me...too bad everyone knew she was just an idiot.  ;)

Anyway, she's recently been posting about losing weight and "bring on the short shorts of summer" and this and that on her facebook status.  I was happy for her because from the looks of her pictures, three marriages and two children later (kids not by her husbands) she was looking pretty rough.  Well, now this week she has posted the same facebook update four times saying that she's lost 36 pounds in 5 weeks and can run a 6 minute mile. The week before this she posted that she was excited that she could run a 6:30 mile.  Can you really cut 30 seconds off of a 6:30 mile in a week? How many girls really run a 6 minute mile, especially ones that had enough weight to lose 36 pounds in 5 weeks?   I'm slow, (my fastest mile is about 9:34 or something).  Is this really possible or is she making stuff up...again, 12 years later....

Re: 6:00 mile?

  • HAHA, I would let her baste in her glory. Some people are just silly...and yes, that is silly. First of all, losing 36 pounds in 5 weeks is just ridiculous and unhealthy (joke is on her) and someone who has lost 36 pounds in 5 weeks would not be able to run a 6 minute mile. There's no way. You have to train to be able to run a 6 minute mile and like you said...not many girls can do that. Kudos to her if she's telling the truth but chances are, she isn't. Her need to broadcast it to the world 3284 times through facebook is a desperate cry for attention, which I'm sure she needs after failed marriages and lack of friends. Just laugh about it ;)


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  • Uh, yeah, she is crazy and you can't explain crazy... maybe a 6min 1/2 mile?
  • I can run a 6-min mile. Of course, I ran track in college, and I wasn't cutting 30 seconds off in a week (man, my coach would have been so excited).

    I think she's just exaggerating (like she is running on the street and *thinks* she is running a mile, but she's waaaay off) or just lying. Either way, I'd let it go.  None of the crap she's boasting about even really matters - being healthy is what matters.

  • It can be done....I first did it way back in junior high when I was 14.

    She could be a storyteller, but what can you do?

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  • I call bullshit on this, especially if she's not a very, very seasoned runner! I will never understand why people lie like that. If she said "I'm so proud I ran a faster mile then last week!" I'd think, yay way to go, but to read "I ran a 6min mile" only makes me think riiiight.. Of course, this is based only off what you said, I love how I act like I know the girl!
  • I can run a 6:00 mile but I also never had 36 pounds to lose. I doubt this is real - but as others suggested, just let it go. If it makes her happy to claim these things...
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  • I call BS on that one. I've lost 40+ lbs, have been running consistently for over a year, and JUST broke a 10-min mile. If she wasn't a runner before, it's very, very, VERY unlikely that she can do a 6min mile, much less cut 30sec off her fastest mile time.
  • maybe she thinks the 6.0 on the treadmill means a 6 min/mile... not 6 miles/hour?

    i could probably run ONE 6 min/mile... and I'm in really good shape and it would still take some training. 

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  • Yeah, I call BS as well. 

    Of course it is possible, but it is not probable at all.  If she's known to have fibbed in the past, I wouldn't believe her. 

    I've run regularly for over two years and I can't get anywhere near a 6 minute mile.

  • image ladipale:

    maybe she thinks the 6.0 on the treadmill means a 6 min/mile... not 6 miles/hour?

    Either she's lying or I agree with this. 

    I've been running for 18 years and even in HS I couldn't do that, it takes real training and just being an exceptional athlete I think.

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  • I could in high school, but there is no way I could do it now, esp. if I was carrying extra weight.  I would have to train pretty seriously to reach that speed again.  And it would take longer then 5 weeks. 

    But, if its true props to her.

    btw: I have a few facebook friends who post stuff like that all the time...I am all about sharing accomplishments with friends, but some people are just over the top!

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  • image ladipale:

    maybe she thinks the 6.0 on the treadmill means a 6 min/mile... not 6 miles/hour?

    i could probably run ONE 6 min/mile... and I'm in really good shape and it would still take some training. 

    I bet this might be it.  I think that's actually a 10 minute mile.  Oh well, 35 pounds is pretty impressive!

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  • I agree that maybe she's thinking 6.0 means a 6 minute mile.  I would want to call her bluff, but I guess you should be the bigger person.  People starving for attention usually are very insecure.  It's sad really, but annoying.
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