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I'm generally a pretty tough cookie, but this is too much...


I have twin 2 week olds. ?That's hard enough.

Brian had to go back to work on Monday. ?I bawled when he left.

I have a rash from my abdomen to my knees that itches like thousands of bug bites. ?I saw a dermatologist today and there's very little they can do; what they can do will take up to 3 weeks for any results.

The boys are fussy and I'm still second guessing every decision I make. Will already has a diaper rash and I feel like a failure. ?His bottom is bleeding.

I/the boys have a doctor's appointment every single day this week, so I either have to leave them with SIL or figure out how to get out of the house with both of them.

They're nowhere near the same schedule, which means I'm up most of the night either feeding or changing a baby.

That's all hard enough, but I can deal.


DH just called and his boss is making him travel this week. ?He has just enough time to come home, pack a bag, and leave. ?Best case scenario he'll be home Friday morning. ?Saturday is more likely. ?This is too much. ?I can't do it by myself. ?I cry all day and I don't know if it's hormones, PPD, or just "normal" anxiety. ? I want my momma.

Re: I'm generally a pretty tough cookie, but this is too much...

  • Huge hugs.  That is a LOT for one mama to have on her plate.

    First, I'm sure you're already doing an amazing job with your boys.  It is so hard to avoid diaper rash with a brand new baby - they're either pooping or getting wiped all the time.  It will pass!  (Desitin helped us in those early days.)

    Second, do you have people here helping you?  Family?  Anyone who can come and give you a break, especially if your DH is traveling?  Seriously.  DH traveled a bunch starting when L was 10 weeks old and I was so anxious - and that was only 1, older baby.  Would it help if you had nesties give you some down time every day?  I'd be more than willing to help out, or coordinate if others can help too, if you need it. 

  • You have PM.
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  • I'm sorry things are rough right now. I wish I had advice for you. I'll be thinking of you!
  • Oh my goodness!  HUGS  I would love to help you out, please contact me [email protected]


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  • Seriously.  My e-mail is bmiyata at
  • I don't know you but I'm sure you are a great mom! I can't put myself in your shoes but I can give you all the support you need with my nestie juju. I'm sending lots your way! Look at your beautiful babies, were there times when you were pregnant that you didn't know what to do? You made it this far and that in itself was a feat! You will get through this! I'm sending lots of juju!!!!

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  • Oh my gosh - you have a lot going on.

    I'd like to help - check your PM. 



  • You shouldn't have to do this alone! You mentioned your SIL, is she willing to help out with DH out of town? Is there other family that you can call in for backup?

    Don't be afraid to ask for help, I'm sure your friends/family are more than willing but they don't want to intrude.

  • d.fd.f member
    You have a lot on your plate.  I hate it when DH travels now.  I would have had a hard time handling it that early.  I'm PMing you my info.  Let me know oif I can help.

    DS 09/08


  • So, so  sorry.  I think you're pretty normal.  As normal as a new, sleepless mom to two-week twins can be!  Just remember that taking help - anywhere you can get it is not a sign of weakness, it shows that you are a great mom who can acknowlege that it's a hard profession with one kid, let alone two newborns!!!  Oh and I'm not really liking your DH's boss much...
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  • I sent you a PM too.?


  • Left Hug  I felt like that with just ONE baby.  I can't imagine two.  Get some help with the babies -- a friend, neighbor, family member to come in and help out for at least a few hours a day.  Seriously.  And just remember -- it DOES GET BETTER.  A LOT better.  Seriously.  Those first few weeks are like storming Normandy Beach -- bloody and brutal.  After they get through the 3wk growth spurt, things should start looking a tad bit better.  Left Hug

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • I'm so sorry you have to deal with that on top of the stress of being a new mom. Your DH's boss seems like an asshat!!!

    I don't have much to offer besides *hugs*...

    Although I can say that after DS was born he got a bleeding diaper rash and it turned out to be due to thrush... so if it doesn't get better that might be something you mention to your pediatrician. We had to put an antifungal athlete's foot cream on the diaper rash, as well as antibiotic ointment... And we also had to treat the thrush orally and on my nipples since I was BFing. It was no fun but we got through it. You can page me with any questions if that's what it turns out to be...

  • I'm so sorry!
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  • I'm PMing you!

    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • i am so sorry...sending lots of Juju to you and your babies:-)
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  • BIG hugs to you & I sent you a PM.
  • I'm so sorry!  Any chance your momma can come help?
  • I'm so sorry Cath!  I can't imagine what I'd do if Shane had to leave right now.  I'm also a total mess.  I am crying all day too.  This is f-ing HARD stuff.  I really wish I could help you now.  Just know that I am thinking about you - while we're both up all night long.
  • I'm so sorry. DH has has to travel for work twice since our LO was born, but he was already 10 weeks the first time, and it was only one baby.  I know that such a thing as night nannies exist, as our part time nanny who comes while I'm at school has night nannied in the past.  The agency we go through has a temporary nanny option (which can mean very short term, like a week, and they can place you quickly, the bugger is a $100 annual fee), but it could help if you run out of options.  We have no family within 850 miles, so we've needed help at semi-regular, semi-random times to work around our schedules. Page me if you want info on the agency. 

    Again, I am SO sorry, and I'm sure you are a fabulous mom.  

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  • Sweetie, I'm so sorry.  I can come by after work and try and help out a bit.  Just say the word.
  • I cannot imagine how tough it is.


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