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So, apparently I confused O'ing with appendicitis

It's my first cycle off the pill, and I have a history of being very irregular after coming off the pill, so I really didn't know what was going to happen with my cycle.  About 3 weeks in (several days ago), I started having abdominal pain, and over several hours it became very sharp and localized in my lower right pelvis--near my pelvic bone.  The pain was so bad, I was doubled over.  At one point, my daughter was climbing onto my lap, and she kneed me right in that spot, and the pain made me shout and crumple to the floor.  At that point, my husband suggested I go to the doctor.

So, after one very embarrassing visit to the urgent care doctor and one urinalysis that showed no sign of infection, my doctor said it was likely ovulatory pain.  He said the first ovulation off the pill can sometimes be very easy to sense and quite painful.  I was sort of mortified to have made the visit to the doctor, but at least I can be pretty sure when I ovulated!

Anyone else have a very painful ovulation when they first went off the pill?  I hope it doesn't mean I'm in for a horrid AF next week!

Re: So, apparently I confused O'ing with appendicitis

  • I'd get a second opinon.  That type of pain normally isn't associated with ovulation.  In fact, never heard of that degree of ovulation pain.
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  • My first cycle off BCP I don't actually "know" that I O'd but I had very painful cramps around the time that I should have.  I wasn't doubled over on the floor though.  I just needed a couple of tylenol and a heating pad.
  • Yes!  I felt like my ovary was going to explode.  This happened while I was at work and my coworker had to help me walk to a sofa to lie down for awhile.  If the doctor didn't find any sign of infection, I wouldn't think you had appendicitis, which has more symptoms than just pain.  If it makes you feel better, I'm now on my 4th cycle and haven't experienced that again.  Also, my AF only lasted 3 days with just a few cramps.  HTH!
  • After I went off BCP i also hd very bad ovulatory and menstrual cramps that month. The mestrual pains are still bad but not as bad as as they were (i've been off them for about 3 months, so hopefully this cycle wont be as bad)
  • I had appendicitis 3 years ago and ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Last month was my first cycle off BCP and the O pains were so bad I actually described them to my doc as how it felt when I had appendicitis. He said it's normal as long as they go away in 24-48 hours. Any longer and he would have had me come in for an ultrasound to check for cysts/issues.

    And for the record, AF came at the exact minute she would have if I was on the pill, and it was like a BCP period. I'm hoping this cycle will be the same...


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  • I had a sharp pain for about an hour!
  • Get a second opinion. I have had o pain and while it wasn't comfortable it wasn't doubling over pain. I would have them check to see if you have a cyst.
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  • image FabulousMrs.P:
    Get a second opinion. I have had o pain and while it wasn't comfortable it wasn't doubling over pain. I would have them check to see if you have a cyst.

    This is possible too.  I know that my pain was due to a cyst rupturing. If you do talk to your doctor about it, he/she will give you an US to see if there is fluid from your egg releasing/cyst rupturing and may want to monitor you for a few months and give you an US around your ovulation time to check for more cysts.  Know that it's possible for this monitoring to be hit or miss.  I've had it done and found 4 small cysts "that would go away on their own" and later another US that showed they did and no new cysts.  If you're worried, it's worth getting checked out for your peace of mind.

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