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We put Samba down on Saturday

and now it's just all sad.


She had cancer, and it was time, but it's still super super sad.

and our household is all weird now.  You take for granted all the ways in which your pets impact your life on a daily basis - well, I did.  And now it's just empty and strange and sad.

And our cat is driving me crazy.  She is looking for the dog, doesn't like any doors to be closed, seems weirdly high maintenance and then - sadly -spends time staring at the front door like the doggy is out on a playdate and coming back soon.

The whole house feels uncomfortable and bad and sad.  I'm not a dog person, I don't particularly like dogs, but she was the most wonderful amazing dog ever.  Super cute, super smart, super protective, probably the perfect dog (yeah, every dog owner thinks that).

I didn't think I would miss her much, but I miss her terribly and I am sad.

Re: We put Samba down on Saturday

  • I am so so sorry to hear that! It's always hard losing a pet, no matter what the circumstances. I hope you (and your poor kitty) start feeling better soon.
  • i'm sorry for your loss! my thoughts are with you.
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  • Sad

    I'm sorry. That is so sad.

  • I'm so very, very sorry for your loss!! :-( 

    I had to make the same decision for my kitty who had cancer, almost 22 months ago.  Yeah, I still keep track and it does hurt to lose a part of the family.  My other cat spent about 2 weeks looking for her before she settled into the new dynamic.

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  • *hugs* so sorry to hear this! my dog died of cancer in august and i'm practically crying reading your post.  it does get a lil easier, but i still almost cry at the sight of a beagle. i hope your cat feels better soon too!
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  • Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss!  It is awful to lose a pet.  :::hugs:::

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    Little Sister is on her way!!
  • I'm so, so sorry. ?It really is like losing a member of the family. ?I hope you all find peace and the kitty settles down soon.
  • Oh, I'm so, so sorry Adrienne!  Samba was a sweetheart and such a gentle giant.  Hang in there, it's gotta be rough, I bet there are reminders everywhere.  :(

    DH tears up at the thought of loosing Kelty. I can only imagine how your DH is feeling!  :(

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  • Im so sorry for your loss!  =(   I will keep you and your puppy in my thoughts...
  • oh i'm so sorry!  big hugs.  i was such a mess when my little sugar pea died (cheech, my cat). i still cry all the time, i don't know if i will ever stop missing him :(  our other cat, chong is still not the same...i don't think he remembers him anymore (missing) but he never quite bounced back :(

    losing pets is so hard.  big big hugs!

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  • oh i'm so sorry to hear that!  i hope you feel better soon!  i know it's hard right now but it'll get better.
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  • I was so sad to hear this.  I can't imagine the loss of a pet, and can only imagine what it must be like.  I hope you find some peace in your home soon and that your kitty settles some too.
  • I am so, so sorry.  I think with each new day it will hurt a little bit less.
  • Pets are such an important part of our lives.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  It's amazing how much one little animal can become so important and so loved.
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  • I Know its been said 10x's already but I am sorry for your loss. The mere thought of having to put down one of mine brings me to tears, I cant imagine what you are going through.
  • Oh no! I am so sorry. Its awful losing a pet.
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