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So I tested...

And I have no idea what to think of it. I actually tested last night (I have a pile of dollar store tests) and got a very very faint line....but I do think it looked pink. Dh was not conviced.

so this morning I tested again, and I still saw a line....but it was very very very faint again, more faint than the one last night. And this time I think it just looked like an evap line, no pink. DH saw a line both times as well, but agreed the one this morning was really barely there.

So now what? I'm thinking I'll just wait a couple days and try again. Or should I buy a non dollar store test? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! I dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Re: So I tested...

  • I'd grab a First Response test and try again. There's no guessing with those tests.


  • image Mikes_Wife06:

    I'd grab a First Response test and try again. There's no guessing with those tests.


    Ditto!  Hope you get a clear BFP!

  • Good luck!!!  Let us know what you SEE!
  • Good luck!
  • Get a digital test, but I've always heard a line is a line.  GL!
  • I was always told a line is a line!  But I would feel the same way.. test again!  Good luck!
  • Good luck but remember a line is a line! Smile
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  • image Mikes_Wife06:

    I'd grab a First Response test and try again. There's no guessing with those tests.


    Yes!  Get a First Response test!

  • I would buy a first response and test again.  Hoping that a line is a line and you have a BFP.  Good luck!!!
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  • FYI, those dollar store tests are the same ones they use in my doctor's office to confirm pg--at least they look exactly the same.  In my experience, they are VERY sensitive.  I got an EXTREMELY faint line on one, which prompted me to call my doctor.  He sent me for a blood test later that day, which registered my HCG at 10.  So the dollar tree test picked up on that, which is very sensitive.  (I was also 13dpo at the time, btw).

    Digital tests are expensive and typically not as sensitive (like HCG needs to be 30-50).  Wait until tomorrow and use another dollar tree test--I bet you'll see a clearer line in the next day or two.  GL!

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