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Mirena IUD

Hi ladies.  I'm not planning to try and have kids for at least another 4 years.  With that being said, I'm starting to think about getting an IUD put in.  I am most interestested in Mirena.  Do any of you already have this?  Does it hurt when it's put in or taken out?  Any side effects?  I saw the post below, but I don't suffer from Migrane's on the nuvaring now, so I'm hoping that won't effect me.  TIA

Re: Mirena IUD

  • I have had it for over a year, and am happy with it.  I had some cramping when I had it inserted just take some advil before.  To begin with my periods were heavier and I had cramps, but now I pretty much have no period at all.  I do still have PMS symptoms such as cramping some.  However, not having to worry about taking a pill everyday and not having a period make the Mirena IUD the best BC I have ever had.  I have been on Depo and the Pill and this seem to be the least hassle with the least amount of side effects for me.  If you have any questions feel free to ask. 
  • I have the Mirena. It hurt a lot when it was put in (april 08). I mean, A LOT. But I've never had kids, so maybe it is different for those that have.

    The only side effects I've had are mild cramping for a few days immediately after, then off and on for the next month or so. Nothing bad, but I've never had bad cramps. Oh, and my acne flared up. Apparently I have hormonal acne, which clearly isn't controlled when you don't have the hormone regulators that are BCPs. I don't think the Mirena CAUSED the acne in any way, it just was the result of not having the BCP.

    Around January, my period became nonexistent. finally! Be aware it claims that "within a year you will have fewer to no periods". I didn't know this, and couldn't figure out why i was still having full periods when everyone else on this board said theirs stopped! ha ha.?

    I do recommend it though. I have enjoyed the fuss-free nature of this BC.?

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  • I have the Mirena for over a year now. I personally think it is the best birth control ever if you're in a committed relationship. Like pp said it is uncomfortable while you're getting it in but if you've ever dilated then it shouldn't be that bad. There is some cramping afterwards and some periods but mine, not everyones, went away(the period not pms). There is no hassle after you get it and you can't feel it at all, if you do or your partner does the doctor can always shave it down.?
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  • love the mirena -- I am currently on my 3rd IUD. I havent had any kids, and it hurt a little on insertion -- like bad period cramps.

    Since insertion, I rarely get my period - which is amazing.

  • I have had my IUD for 2.5 years now and I love it! I have never had children but my insertion wasn't too bad actually. I won't claim that I didn't feel anything. I had heard stories from my friends that have one where they shrieked or almost passed out. I talked about my concerns with my doctor and she explained everything out in great detail, and when the time came I was comfortable with my doctor and tried my best to relax and it went really quickly and didn't hurt too badly. My periods also stopped about 2 months later and I do still have pms and minor cramps but no bleeding.

    After the initial discomfort of your body adjusting, it is completely off my mind. It really helps my fiance and I travel without worry and be more spontaneous knowing that we don't have to think about BC.

    Good luck and breath deep and relax!

  • First of all, google IUD Divas.  It's a livejournal community that has tons and tons of info on all things IUD.  It's a balanced place to look up info on IUDs, as opposed to most of the internet- most sites are people who have had really bad experiences and want the world to know.

    I had Mirena inserted a month ago.  I won't lie, it was uncomfortable, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.  I had it done inbetween periods, although many docs recommend doing it while on your period, especially if you haven't had kids.  (Your cervix is more dilated then, and it's easier to insert.)  I had bad cramping and back pain the day of insertion, and by the next day felt almost back to normal.  I love, love it so far, and recommend it highly.  Definitely go check out the IUD Divas, it answered a lot of my questions. 

  • I'm on my fourth year with the Mirena. Heck of a lot better than taking BCPs in my opinion. Yes, it hurt putting it in, but only for a couple days or so. The only other issues is that, about 6 months in, I started spotting several times a month. My gyno put me on some bcp's for a month to regulate me out, and I haven't had any issues with it since.

     I still have my periods regularly, but they're really really light. Nice side effect.

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