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I just wanted to tell you that I have a bulldog as well. I wish I could get pictures of him on a skateboard like yours, super cute idea! Does he/she really skateboard? I'd love to have mine learn but he doesn't like to listen!


Re: njrunr3

  • Hi!  He is pushing off on the skateboard a little, but mostly just stands there to get treats!  We are working on it outside now, and he seems to be getting better on actual concrete.

     How old is your dog and what's his name?  Mine is 7 month old Porkchop.  You should come out to one of our meetups!  My husband and I run our own meetup and 60 of our members are Bulldogs.  We had 11 of them at the beach yesterday! 

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  • Awww thats really cute and of course they'll do ANYTHING for treats lol.

    He is 3 years old, his name is Barton Clarke... He is my parents dog technically but I see him everyday so he is practically mine. They have always looked for other bullies for him to play with, since he loves looking at his look a likes. He loves the beach, we take him to the doggie beach in Del Mar sometimes.  You'll just have to let me know when the next one is.. I am on here alot, just don't post much on the local board but I do check it.

  • We'll be at the Coronado dog beach on Sunday. Big Smile  I think we're expecting 8 Bulldogs this time, but we were only expecting 4 at Del Mar and it turned into 11.  Our group is all medium and large breeds, but started of as a Bulldog only group which is why most of our meetups end up to be mostly bulies. 
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  • Alright I'll ask my mom about it and see if we can make it, do you do have this every weekend?
  • If you email me at njrunr3 at gmail, I will send you the link to our group.  We try to have the meetups at least twice a month, but lately it's been a lot more often. 
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  • Okay I'll email you... I just called my mom she has to work this Sunday so we can't go.. but hopefully next time works out!
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