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30 Day Shred Workout

So I was just able to squeeze in the first workout (Thank you Abby for finally napping!!) and I was impressed that I was able to do it after not working out for over 10 months!!  Plus its only 20 min long and broken down into circuits so it isnt overwhelming.  Just wanted to suggest it to anyone who is cramped for time, but wants a good workout!!

Re: 30 Day Shred Workout

  • I'll keep that in mind for post-baby.  I'm sure I'll be needing something to whip me back into some shape.

    Love the new Abby pic.

  • Is it a video?  A lot of the girls on the DC board have been doing it, but I'm not sure where to start.

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  • Yeah, its a DVD.  Its by JIllian Michaels, the amazing Biggest Loser trainer (I'd give anything to have her train me!)  My copy is on its way from netflix, but they had the first couple workouts on Demand (Comast) so I'll do those until the DVD comes!
  • That sounds like a great workout! I will need to remember it after I have the baby! I will need a great workout video!. I love Jillian!
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  • Ranger - I'm interested but have a VERY random question :)

    I prefer classes to say just walking on the treadmill but I can never really take gym cardio classes because they always have a ton of squats which I can't do b/c of my knees and I'd feel like an a$$ not doing them in the class. 

    Anyway, at home I can clearly skip the squat/lunge sections if there are any but if the tape is full of them it's not worth it to me to just sit out half the tape.

    So - - is it heavy on squats and lunges or not too bad?

  • It does have squats and lunges, but you can totally modify it and just not go down as far.  If you have On Demand, you can check it out and see what you think.  Also there might be clips of it on You Tube as well.
  • I love it as well. I try to do it 2-3 times a week and it's really a great workout and I've always hated workout videos before.
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  • Thanks Melissa, I just put it in my Netflix queue!!!!
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