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Name 3 things...

....that are absolutely fantastic about your significant other....
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Re: Name 3 things...

  • You didn't answer yourself.

     1. His knowledge of computers, I just can't figure them out.

    2. His ablility to relax in tense situations.

    3. I forget sometimes about his sweet side.

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  • 1. He understands me.  Sometimes almost too well.

    2. He knows when I need restraing (chocolate runs, shopping, ect) and when I need a little encouragement.

    3. He loves me even when I'm moody.

  • 1. She is incredibly kind hearted and I find myself trying to be a better person because of her big heart.

    2. She is absolutely gorgeous!

    3. She loves me unconditionally and so fantastically. I've never had it so well.


    My Blog - Life, Love and Laughter No government can dictate who we love. Life is do what feels right!
  • 1. He is always the calm and rationale one which is great because I am always the one stressed and overwhelmed.

    2. He always knows how to make me smile.

    3. He is my biggest fan. He believes in me the most and always encourages me.


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  • 1. His ability to make me laugh.  Or be annoying and make me roll my eyes.  Just his ability to make me feel good things in general.

    2.  His openness and willingness to tell me he loves me.

    3.  He cooks, he cleans, he does laundry.  He's well-trained.  Thanks MIL, for telling him to take a HomeEc course in high school "because it's more necessary than woodshop."

    4.  I'm adding a fourth.  His relationship with his mom is fantastic.  I have a great MIL who raised a great son and it translates into all his other relationships.

  • 1. He is extremely positive & supportive in everything I do

    2. He can make me laugh no matter how upset I am

    3. He is very laid back & easy going

     bonus- the blue eyes!

  • 1. He loves me for ME.

    2. He's so much fun - absolutely my partner in crime.

    3. He's supportive, a good listener and encouraging.

    AND incredibly HOT!

  • 1) Everything is always about "us" with him. Everything he does is for the good of our marriage and our life.?

    2) He totally gets that I was and always will be very independent, and he supports it and appreciates it.

    3) He's hysterical- he cracks me up every day.??

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    AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers
  • 1) He's very intelligent & has accomplished a lot professionally

    2) He's extrememly sweet and loving toward me

    3) He's very positive and supportive, even when I was really struggling with a medical problem and later when I was in a cr*p job

    He's also hot and great in bed. ;)

    Hope is not a strategy.
  • 1. No one would ever guess from his outward appearance that he's the most sweet, caring guy. From his many relationships with women (growing up with a single mom and a few semi-long girlfriends) he understands women VERY well. He knows exactly what to say/what not to say in all situations.

    2.  He's so comfy to lay on and cuddle with :)

    3. We enjoy a lot of the same interests - running, going for walks, playing sports, painting, cats (no dogs) - things that I would have never imagined having in common with him when we first met!

  • 1. He's an amazing father to our girls

    2. The man can COOK!

    3. He likes to do little things for me - bring me home chocolate, flowers, make creme brule......

  • 1. ?He is very romantic- he likes to surprise me with little treats and take me out on dates. ?It's rubbed off on me because now I like doing things like that for him! But it's all his influence- I feel like just being around him makes me want to be a more romantic, thoughtful person. ?

    2. ?He is a loyal, honest, and thoughtful person not only to me, but to everyone. ?He has a way about him that makes everyone feel special. ?

    3. ?He is calm and comforting (but not condescending) in times of stress. ??

    1. He always thinks i'm beautiful (even whe i was sick in the hospital)
    2. He always makes me smile/laugh
    3. He knows what I need and gives it to me (ie a little extra love, food Big Smile, a message)


  • 1. He can calm me down in an instant

    2. He loves me regardless of my controlling behavior!

    3. He can always make me laugh!

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  • 1. Not only does he love and adore me through my crazy/high maintenance moments, he doesn't even think I'm crazy or high maintenance!

    2. He's very intelligent, well-educated, just an interesting person to talk to.

    3. He is just as silly as I am and we have so much fun together. 

  • 1. He's supportive in everything I do.

    2. He can always put a smile on my face. Like today when we were arguing, he smiled in the middle of the argument. That automatically made me smile. And apologize for yelling!?

    3. He tries to include me in all things he's interested in.

  • 1. he is the smartest person I've ever known, but also the hardest worker that I've ever met.

    2. he doesn't make me feel bad for being currently unemployed. he's super understanding and supportive.

    3.  he loves our pets like they are our children. (kids are not very possible for us, so it's nice to know that he has this paternal trait!)

     -he also has amazing blue eyes. when he comes home from work and is covered in steel making gunk, he's the sexiest man i've ever seen!

  • 1. He loves to travel and explore new places with me.

    2. He is a great provider.

    3. He is humble and kind.?

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  • 1. He knows and understands me so well.

    2.  He is someone I can just sit and talk with for hours on end.

    3. His mellowness is the complete opposite to my tendancy to be hyper -- and we both just sort of even out.

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  • 1) He is a fantastic cuddler - and he loves to snuggle as often as I do!

    2) He is so calm, he rarely gets stressed out which helps keep me calm too!

    3) He is my best friend. 

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