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Husband hates my moan

He blurted out today that "my moans are always the same" and he doesn't like them. WTF! I didn't realize I needed to think about changing the way I moan during sex. I got pretty defensive, but honestly, I don't understand why it's a big deal. I barely pay attention to his moans (I love any noise he makes that tell me he likes what I'm doing...I don't distinguish).?

?How do I change this? Should I even be thinking about changing it??


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Re: Husband hates my moan

  • It was hard to judge the circumstances surrounding this comment, but, I wouldn't worry. ?Maybe it was an off-handed comment...or meant to be a joke even..Maybe he was second guessing his performance thinking that...oh geez... I'm really trying hard/doing something different and she is responding the same way.??

    If you are really worried, I would just ask him about it in a non-accusatory way. ??

    I agree with you that its a stupid thing to say, but, guys say stupid things all the time. ??

    ?And I wouldn't change a thing. ?:) ?I'm sure your moans are fine, as they are.?

  • I agree with camp ask him. See if he was joking. Go from there =D
  • If he was joking, then I would not worry about it. If he wasn't, I hardly think that is the reason he is really upset or what is really bothering him. It makes me wonder if something else is bothering him, so he decided to pick a fight by making that comment. My H tends to do this when he is upset with me about something, but does not want to bring it up.
  • My husband told me the same thing.  At first, my feelings were hurt.  Then I got over it.  He told me that it made him go faster and if I wanted it to last longer then I needed to shut my pie hole.  LOL. We just laugh at it and move on.
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