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Dinner in Belltown or...

I think we may go out to Belltown Saturday night and/or possibly Tini Biggs. We're trying to go someplace different. :)

My friends want to grab dinner first but I'm a little at a loss for ideas. I'd rather go somewhere that isn't really heavy that has good food in smaller plates. I love Black Bottle but not sure they would. We usually go to Cactus or Matador for appetizers, or sushi places but I think everyone is tired of sushi. Well, everyone but me.

Any ideas?


Re: Dinner in Belltown or...

  • Why wouldn't they like Black Bottle? ?I think that's a great place to go for small plates.

    There's always Umi - I know you said they might be sick of sushi, but their menu is HUGE and there's plenty of other stuff to choose from.

    And I don't know about small plates, but the food at Tia Lou's is pretty good. ?Well, it's been years since I've been there, but it *was* good.

    Also, Belltown Pizza serves a pretty good pie. ?:)?

  • I dislike Tini Biggs, and it's kind of outside of Belltown.  It's more Lower Queen Anne. 

    My DH got puked on all over by a REALLY drunk lady who was overserved by the douchebag bartender who was trying to look at her boobies (which kept popping out).  After DH was puked on, we decided to walk out (4 ppl had one drink each) and they still wanted us to pay.  I was like, are you f*ing serious?  Do you know what our dry cleaning bill will look like from this incident?  They didn't even apologize or take responsibility. Seriously, I will never go back. 

    What about Palace Kitchen?  That's a lot of fun.  Or Tavolata.  Or Mama's Mexican Kitchen.

  • for something different, what about  its fun, but i'd rec. a resv. - they have belly dancers at night - you can eat w/ur hands or silverware and the food is 'normal' enough everyone enjoys it!
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  • I would love for them to be up for Black Bottle but at least one I would consider a very traditional and picky eater. I'd be thrilled with sushi too.

    Ooh Mama's looks fun! Marakesh looks fun but we're more appetizers kind of eaters.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  • if you are wine drinkers, there is always le pichet and you can get plates of cheeses and such to snack on.
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  • mama's! i miss that place!
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