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Possibly moving to New Orleans

My husband is applying to medical school, and his first choice is Tulane. We LOVE New Orleans and are so excited about the possiblity of moving to your city. We are from Charleston, SC, and if any of you have ever visited Charleston, there are a lot of similarities between your city and ours. We are starting to look at what is available for housing. We would ideally live in an area where we could walk to dinner, shopping, etc. It is just the two of us and our dog, so we don't need a lot of space. Any suggestions as to areas where we should concentrate our housing search? Any help will be truly appreciated!

Re: Possibly moving to New Orleans

  • Hi!  First, I would like to wish your husband the best of luck in applying for med school.  That's awesome!  I'm getting ready to graduate law school from Loyola so I can empathize with the whole application process and nerves.  Second, sounds to me as if y'all would like living off or on Magazine or Prytania streets.  This is a pricey area but very nice, full of shops and restaurants and close to parks, schools, etc.  Good luck!
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  • Hi!

    Thanks for the info!!!! Something really ironic...I am in law school, as well. Good luck to you!

  • I live in the Uptown area Eddie is living in and I love it. We are very close with a couple, the husband is a Tulane med school student as well and loves loves loves the school! Good luck to you and your H!
  • before reading other posts I thought of Magazine and St. Charles (those are streets).

    If you have major money, the French Quarter.

  • Definitely the Uptown area. Off Magazine + Prytania Sts. I actually own a house right b/w those 2 streets, not far from tons of shopping + Whole Foods. It's a double (2 apartments) and it's currently under renovations. Both apt will soon be for rent, so if you guys find our soon and decide to come down, give me a page. The rents are competitive with the area and both apts. are nice.
  • i apologize for the typos. that's what i get for trying to type with 1 hand, with my son on my lap, wiggling around!
  • Hi! I am originally from NOLA, and I haven't even announced this on here yet (sorry, girls!), but MH and I are moving back in May to attend Tulane business school.

    We are renting a place right off Magazine Street as well. I highly recommend that area if your husband will be at Tulane. The 70115 and 70118 zip codes are probably the two most convenient. However, make sure to tour the apartments you're considering before committing!!! My mom looked at the ones we were deciding between, and not all places are created equal...and you want to make sure you're in a good on Craigslist can be deceptive! :)

    Would he enroll in Fall 2009?

  • Thank you , everyone!!!! I really appreciate the suggestions!
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