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Diane's Westies in Candia NH

Has anyone ever heard of the breeder, Diane's Westies in Candia, NH? We are in the process of researching reputable breeders and with everything on the news lately about people buying sick dogs online, we want to take any precaution necessary and look for recommendations. Attached is a link to her site, please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Re: Diane's Westies in Candia NH

  • Just after a quick glimpse, I think this woman is a classic BYB.

    - there is no mention of champion titles on any of her b*tches

    - there are 13 permanent dogs in her home and she breeds. 

    - waiting list for a puppy is only 1-3 months. That means she is breeding year round- good breeders breed rarely, as more dogs SHOULDN'T be bred than should be bred.

    - pedigrees aren't posted or even mentioned

    - not one of the pics she has posted are of the dogs winning in shows

    - her so-called health guarantee SUCKS! OMG.

    - her reasons for not registering pet quality pups with limited AKC registration is weird


    these are just some of the reasons.

  • Ditto...

    The website screams BYB.

  • I don't like that she doesn't show her dog or give an explanation why.  The purpose of conformation is to judge breeding stock, so it is just her word that her dogs are worthy of being bred.

    She also says nothing about health testing.

    She has too many litters....especially if she had three within a month's time.


    She strikes me as someone who truly loves her breed and loves her dogs, but somewhere along the line has taken a wrong turn.  She may be well intentioned, but I wouldn't buy a dog from her. JMO

  • Ditto again.  Thumbs down.
  • Another reason:

    - she is not a member of the Westie Club of America or on their breeder list roster


    The only thing I do like about her is that her contract does require returning to the breeder before rehoming and proof of spay/neuter, but the contract is only good if you're willing to give the breeder back a dog you've loved and cared for for months.  You have no other remedy except to give the breeder the dog back, which is ridiculous and a red flag, IMO. Breeders should stand behind the dogs they produce for the life of the dog, and this one doesn't.

  • I would start your search by contacting the eight Westie breeders in MA who are on the West Highland Club of America's website:

    Just because they are on there doesn't mean they are reputable, but it is a good place to start. There is no reason not to be a member of the breed club if you are indeed a reputable breeder.

  • Ditto what you have already been told and thanks for asking and doing your research!
  • Thank you all for your postings! We will definitely do more research and thanks for providing web links to help us out!

  • I have had two retired breeding bitches from Diane. Incredible dogs, very well socialized and cared for. Marvelous manners—better than most people's. Diane does not want her dogs on the show circuit because she believes it is a miserable life for them, and I wholeheartedly agree with her. Therefore, although her dogs are pedigreed, she will not sell them with papers. She breeds pets, and she provides terrific dogs. Diane is, by reputation, the best Westie groomer in the Northeast, and she is the only person other than myself whom I would allow to groom my dogs. She is also a top-notch trainer. She has a very happy and devoted following who would never consider getting a dog from anyone else. If you want a wonderful dog to be your companion in life, go to Diane, and expect to wait a year for a pup. If you want a show dog, go somewhere else.
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