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so we went to the house yesterday...

the ppl were finished cleaning and everything. My MIL and I had to clean out everything again. The place was filthy. And stunk. 5 min inthe house and we were all feeling sick from the smell. We used up a bottle and half of febreeze in the whole house. Helped some but not much. Like the animals they had weren't house trained. So we pulled all the carpet out of the house. Its better. The people when they left took everyhing...including the lightbulbs...and bathroom mirrors. Oh oh oh ...and the mailbox they also took that. I would understand if it was custom but it wasn't.  and I can't go without mentioning the cat that was also left behind. While we were cleaning out there yesterday I also noticed there were 3 or 4 large dogs roaming free outside. great. and today DH went out to clean more and found a piglet....running around with the dogs. craziness.

Re: so we went to the house yesterday...

  • This is your new home?? I thought our house was left a mess but compared to you it was nothing! Reading they took the light bulbs and mirrors my jaw dropped, people are crazy! Hopefully soon it will be smelling better and a little more up to par for living in. Good luck!
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  • The people we bought our house from took the bathroom mirror. But they left their fugly curtains and a portrait of them nude. DH said it wasn't full body but he could tell they weren't clothed. Oh and two sinks in the attic.
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  • Ew, gross! I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Did you have to call animal control about the dogs (and the pig!!)? I've heard of people taking the lightbulbs; that's just ridiculous!

    Maybe Glade Plug-Ins or some similar constant fragrance thing would help the smell even more?
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  • nude pictures? yikes. thats info I would not want to know about a previous owner lol.
    I intend to talk to the neighbors to see about the stray dogs...where we are moving to is a rural neighborhood so in a way I'm not too surprised their are loose dogs. Still if no one claims them I will call to have them removed. As I was leaving I thought I was going to hit one...three of the dogs took off after us...running along the car and barking. Not too happy about that.
     My next trip out there I'll be prepared with more febreeze.
    We are completely painting the whole house...ceiling and all to hopefully remove all the remaining smell.
    When we first saw the house it didn't smell like it does now. Its like that last month they just didn't care.
    I don't understand how people could do that.
    When we sold our house...it was ready for the new owners. We deep cleaned as we went and got moved out in two weeks. I guess I was naive to think that the house we bought would be clean when they moved out. ugh.
  • You need to get ahold of your realtor & discuss this with him/her.  Especially the bathroom mirrors.  That is an attached object & comes with the house.  It states it on the first page of the Real Estate Contract.  Your agent needs to inform the Seller's Agent of this and demand the Sellers to bring your mirrors back (they are very expensive to replace).
  • How terrible!  I could see if they were maybe like, expensive energy efficient or some sort of special light bulbs - but at least replace them with some cheap ones just because!!!

    On a happier note... I would so be keeping the piglet :)
  • If you think the smell is in the walls you can prime using Killz and then paint over it. I did that in our kitchen to get ride of foody/grease smell when I painted our cabinets.
  • bridejacqueline- thanks. I called DH to tell him about that...he said he'd call about it.
    MamaCC- lol yeah actually I would've had I been there. If I see it again (I looked for it when I went out there) I intend on grabbing it.
    ktgolfs-We went and got a 5 gallon bucket of primer.and a paint sprayer thingy. Might need to get more...to try and cover the neon green and purple paint they did one of the kids room in.
  • Yikes! Our sellers left a bunch of stuff, but didn't take anything of importance. My sister had a smoker in her house before they bought it and, primer and paint on all walls and ceilings (and new floors) took care of it! Good luck!
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