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So pissed...(LONG)

DH and I moved out of a townhouse and into a house. Our lease is up on Feb. 29 and we moved most of our stuff out the weekend of the 15th.

We went to clean it up this past Saturday. We called the lanlord, because they left a message saying they wanted to show it. We told them it was fine and said we cleaned it up. They said they'd show it Monday.

We couldn't settle on a time for the walk-through, so she said she'd look it over and let us know if any issues come up so we could take care of it.

We realized that we forgot everything in the coat closet. So, DH went there this evening to get our coats and to turn in the keys and garage door opener. Well, he got there and his North Face jacket was gone, so was Evan's RL jacket, my jacket and my Burberry scarf. There were three things left in the closet-- 2 lab coats and 1 scarf. We also had a vacuum cleaner in the garage and it was gone too.

He hunted down the lanlord and she said they threw everything out. DH got mad at them and said they had no right, because that townhouse is still 'ours' until the 29th. They told him he was right and that they thought we were out of there. He told them we would be "out" when we handed over the keys.

Well she called DH and said they found our vacuum cleaner at their club house.

What I want to know...is what can we do? Are we entitled to reimbursement? They "tossed out" over $700 worth of stuff, but left the cheap a$$ lab coat and the cheap scarf? I don't buy it. Especially since the vacuum just appeared.

Advice please!!! I'm going up there tomorrow morning, w/o DH and I'm freaking out because I don't what will happen. DH says I can't leave there unless they give me something in writing that they WILL reimburse us.

Re: So pissed...(LONG)

  • P.S. One of the lanlords told DH that they thought we told them that we were all moved out. DH reminded them that we told them that we just cleaned up, not that we were all moved out. We remembered the vacuum cleaner, but not the closet stuff.
  • I am by no means an expert, but if you still have the keys and it's still technically your place until tomorrow. Then tell the landlord you're going to file a police report on your stolen property and see how long it takes them to find it in their club house.
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  • Wow - this is awful.  They are clearly in the wrong and should definitely reimburse you.  If you were to file a report, that might get something faster.  Good luck!  Keep us posted.
  • I agree that a police report for stolen items would be the best route. I first would tell them that you are going that route and if they dont flinch then I'd call them right then and there. Wait at their office for them to arrive and file it right there. Like you, I dont buy that they thought you were out of there so they threw it out because why would they only throw out the good stuff?
  • Usually maintenance people are hired or a company to come in and clean out or clean up & repaint after a renter leaves.  That landlord knows who has access to that property.  I would itemize a list of each thing missing along with an estimate and provide that to her tomorrow. 
    She in turn I would assume get ahold of who cleans out the properties & "come up" with your possessions!  OR you'll seek legal action.  I would give her a time frame such as Monday by 5PM to get your possessions back to you or your attorney will be contacting her (whether you have an atty yet or not).
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