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Monday's theme

How about Vent Day?  Post a vent about anything (work, family, etc.) and hopefully we can cheer each other up!  Feel free to jump in with ideas for the other days and we can switch them up every few weeks or whenever we get bored. :)

Re: Monday's theme

  • Oh girl! Where should I start this morning! :)

    I'm so mad at myself for gaining back all the pre-wedding weight I lost. DH and I were suppose to start the couch-to-5k program last Monday, but he talked his way out of going, so, of course, I stayed home too....which means we never got started at all. I'm making a point to begin today. With or without him.

     I'm off to the office today after being off work for 4 days. I'm so not looking forward to it. Whyohwhyohwhy can I not be a work at home mom?

    On a happy note, I will be spending alot of the afternoon  re-touching the photos I took at the Chihuly exhibit. They turned out awesome!

  • I am so irritated right now.  My FIL and his wife are coming to visit this weekend.  They are the biggest jerks.  FIL has always hated me.  I guess because I "took" his son away from him.  FIL treats me like I don't exist when I see him.  His wife is so annoying.  I was trying to be nice, so I sent her an email asking her if she wanted me to buy any particular food for their visit.  I was expecting her to say whatever I normally buy is fine.  Of course that's not what happened.  She sent me a list of stuff that she wanted!  This woman is so tacky.  I barely know her and she is going to be staying at our house.  She could be a snoop for all I know and I'm sure that she is going to criticize my decorating and cleaning skills.  I think I'm going to lose my mind this weekend.
  • The only thing I have to vent about right now is my neighbors who smoke. We live in a condo and whenever they smoke it comes right in if we have the door open. When it's nice out we like to have the doors and windows open too because it helps save $ on AC but we can't because our place will smell like an ashtray! It sucks too that we can't spend time on our cute patio because of their smoking.

    Now I'm a little worked up and this is a little of a rant but... I honestly don't care what other people do to themselves- your body, your business. If you slowly want to kill yourself, makes yourself look trashy, stink, and spend your $ like this, good for you! But I don't want to smell your cigarette smoke & I don't want to see your butts on the grounds on of beautifully landscaped condos either! My smoking neighbors suck!

  • My company announced today that they are canceling the company match portion of the 401k program until further notice as a way to manage costs during this tough economy.  On the one hand it makes me glad I haven't invested in our company program but on the other it is just one more item in a growing list of concerns about whether or not my job will make it.  My department's fairly small, (just me and my boss) but we've been sooo slow that it continues to make me nervous.

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