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Help with Strollers?!

I know it is a bit early, but we are starting to look into some things that will need to be taken care of with regards to the baby. Especially now that  we are beginning the 2nd tri.

Strollers? I have no idea where to start. I know that I would like one that can travel on various types of terrain. I also want one that is under $400 and one where I can have the baby facing me. I think I would like one that converts from a bassinet style to a sitting up style. Safety and reliability are big as well.

Any reccomendations? Any websites I should begin looking at? Is it worth it to pay the $ for Consumer Reports website?


Thanks for your advice.

Re: Help with Strollers?!

  • Check out the Baby Bargains website they have some great tips.  From my opinion, finding a stroller that meets all of your needs is impossible for under $400.00.  I would check out the Peg Perego Skate, the Quinny Buzz or the Valco Run About.

    OK, I just surfed the BabiesRUs website and found this, it`s $400 and meets your requirements (minus the bassinet feature although you may be able to purchase that separately), although I have no idea how good it actually is.

    In my opinion the perfect stroller doesn`t exist (at least not in Canada).

    Proud Mama to two sweet kiddos.
  • DH and I started looking eventhough it's early. I really like the Peg Perego, my cousin has a Graco, she likes it. A friend of mine has Stokke. I like them but way to expensive. ?For the price and functionality I like Peg Perego Pliko 3.
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  • I'm no help here...mine was a Graco, but that was ten years ago and the big wheel strollers had JUST come out.  Everyone thought I was weird for wanting one. 

    Can I just say how glad I am not to be buying a stroller - or any baby stuff - now.  While my income is much better, I swear things cost 10x what they did when DS was wee. Yikes! 

    I'm helping a friend shop next week, so if we see anything great I'll be sure to post. :)

  • My friend has the Bugaboo Bee and loves it. Plus it works from when the baby is an infant up to 40lbs (somewhere around there).
  • I have the Quinny Buzz and love it! It was over $400 but well worth it. I think all in with the carseat I paid $600 or so.  
  • I accepted a used Graco travel system from my cousin. Part of me wishes I could choose something nicer for myself, but I know I'd end up spending too much money, so I'll just be grateful for hand-me-downs!

    Good luck!

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  • We have a Valco and I really like it.  We got the special edition, it came with a bunting bag thing for winter, diaper bag, cup holder, rain cover and the UV summer cover which is also like a little bug net.  I think it was around $600.00.  I wasn't thinking ahead when we got it but I am not sure it would be great for 2 kids. I know you can get the toddler seat that goes on the front but I am not sure how comfortable it would be for the little on sitting in it.  Also, with the toddler seat on it, you can't use the car seat attachment for baby.  I know lots of people with the Gracos and they really like them.  I would love a Chariot if I could afford one.


    Good Luck :)

  • You ladies rock my socks!

    I knew this would really help, I had never even heard of Valco or Quinny and now would seriously consider both.

    Trish, thanks for the research - your stroller "snob" knowledge is highly valued.

  • I can't resist a stroller post Stick out tongue

    If you're interested in travel systems, the first bit of advice is to not limit yourself to specific 'Travel Systems'; you'll be using the stroller longer than the infant carseat, so choose a stroller you like and then pick out a carseat. Many brands/models have adapters for other brands' carseats.

    I have a Bugaboo Cameleon, and love it to bits. I'd *like* to have a second stroller, but that's just because I want another stroller, not because we need one Wink The Bug has been everything we've needed, and we sure have put the mileage on it! The bassinet was Jakob's first bed until he moved to his crib at 3 months. If I had my time back, I'd probably have used the bassinet longer; we changed it to a seat at 3 months, but in Europe I saw lots of babies happily riding in their bassinets/prams until 6 months old or more.

    A year ago we *almost* bought a second, because we were living in Toronto then and the streetcars are not stroller-friendly. In the end, we bought the new car instead (LOL, a stroller would've been cheaper!) but we had decided we would get a Bugaboo Bee. There are just too many features with the Bugs that I couldn't bear to give up, like the one-handed steering. Now, I've got my eye on a Baby Jogger City Elite, which if we had a #2 could take a jumpseat. I am also fascinated with Mutsy strollers, but can find no way at all to justify one (and trust me I've tried!).

    Anyway. The Bee has a reversible seat, and there's a 'baby nest' that allows you to use it sort-of like a bassinet. Bugaboo also has carseat adapters (we have one for our Cameleon). It is, however, around $600. The Peg Uno has a reversible handle and can be used like a pram; the swivel wheels will be in the rear, then, and from my experience with the Cameleon, that takes a little getting used to, but isn't bad. The Uno is about $500. We were at a baby store today and saw a couple buying one. The Skate is beautiful, but very very heavy. Very much a Euro pram! Peg is supposed to be bringing out a new lighter model, so the originals are now nicely discounted (relatively speaking). If the weight won't bother you, it is lovely. (Oh, other drawback IMO is that there's a storage area, but no real bag or basket; I think there's a bungee system, but not sure.) Peg also has a new version of the P3, called the Switch, which also allows the baby to face the driver. The UPPAbaby Vista is similar in design to the Cameleon, but less expensive; still around $600, though. The First Wheels is also Bugaboo-esque, but I'm not sure how their reputation is for quality. The I'Coo Targo is from a German brand; if you've seen any Rock Star Baby strollers, this is very similar, and from the same company (Hauck). The Bumbleride Flyer might be another to consider. Speaking of German strollers, a limited selection of Teutonias are now available in the US; I think some might be reversible.

    Those are the ones that come to mind right now. I think someone mentioned Baby Bargains - we relied on it quite heavily when picking out our baby gear! If you check out their website, you'll also find user forums; there's a Canadian board, and also a stroller board, which has many knowledgeable, helpful people.

    (And although I've only got the one stroller, it was my main vehicle during the sabbatical so I'm pretty fascinated by strollers!)

    Edited to add: check out the Quinny strollers, too! I don't know about reversible seats/handles, but some models will take a carrycot/bassinet.

  • I second a lot of what Frau said, she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to strollers (my stroller idol really Big Smile) .  I am seriously pushing DH for a Phil and Ted's, it is a single that can be converted to a double, although the extra seat can go on the back as opposed to the City Jogger that Frau mentioned, which goes on the front.  If money were no object I would have definitely gotten a Bugaboo but DH is "frugal" (my nice way of say cheap).  When I was looking at strollers when I had DS the Peg Uno had just come out but considering the cost it felt kind of cheap when I was pushing it around the store (just my opinion) I like the versatility of it but I couldn`t get past how it felt.  Frau also mentioned the Bumbleride, they are beautiful strollers and move so nicely, but again the are on the more expensive side!  In the end we ended up with the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe, it was not my first choice but it was the only one that DH and I could agree on. 

    With that said I think that the most important feature you need to consider is how well the stroller fits in your car.  While I have a large trunk the opening to it is quite small, I insisted that DH check that it fit, he insisted it did.   We decided to go out when DS was only a few days old and guess what, that damn stroller barely fit in the back of the car and because of that it is now really badly beaten up, so before you finalize your decision make sure it fits.  A stroller is fairly useless if you can`t fit it in your car.  Oh and I have friends with SUVs that have trouble getting their strollers in and out, so don`t assume. 

    Proud Mama to two sweet kiddos.
  • image FrauDrA:

    Edited to add: check out the Quinny strollers, too! I don't know about reversible seats/handles, but some models will take a carrycot/bassinet.

    The Quinny Buzz that I have can face the parent - I have it that way now that William is still relatively small but practically too big for the Maxi Cosi Carseat we used when he was smaller. I know you can buy the bassinet for it as well, but we felt we didn't need it as we just used the carseat with the adapters when he was smaller. Once he gets bigger, I'll face it outwards. I can't really comment on other strollers as I've only had this one, but I think for the price, it's pretty awesome. I find it easy to get in and out of the vehicle and love that it folds up pretty easily. I use it all the time as I live downtown Toronto and find it easy to navigate through the city, even in the winter!

  • image trish_edmon:

    I second a lot of what Frau said, she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to strollers (my stroller idol really Big Smile)


    THat's a great point Trish made about making sure the stroller will fit in your car. When Jakob was born, we had a VW Golf, and the Cameleon fit well. Granted, there wasn't a lot of space left over, but it worked well enough to take a couple of road trips! On the other hand, we had trouble with rental cars. We always requested full-sized car, but one time when my husband went to pick up a rental, the opening for the trunk was so small that he asked for a different car because he didn't think we could get the stroller in. We ended up with a mid-sized (Calibre, I think?), which worked better than the full-sized. Go figure.

    And, yeah, I know my stroller tastes are expensive Embarrassed But I do think we've gotten our money's worth out of the Bug. Really, we've put this stroller through a heck of a lot (I walked soooo much during the sabbatical year, plus it's been on so many airplanes and lived to tell the tale), and the customer service is incredible. Not saying a less spendy stroller wouldn't work, just that for what we needed, it was the best buy. For the reversible handles/seat option, that really does bump up your pricepoint. But think about how much you'll use your stroller. There are a couple of ways to go ahead: get something now that has all the features you think you'll need (that's what we did; we chose the Bug because friends with a similar lifestyle raved about how perfect their Frog was, and since the Cameleon had just been released and the Frog was rumoured to be discontinued - it wasn't - we went with that), or get something cheap but serviceable now and use it until you figure out what you really need. IMHO, I think if you don't get what you want from the start, I think there's the risk of ending up spending even more overall when trying out different options to find one that's works well enough.

  • I have a Valco and love it. I had a small car at first, but wanted a great stroller, and this folds so small. The wheels even pop off with a click of a button so I can stuff it behind the driver's seat if I make an impromptu tyip to Ikea and need trunk space. I got the adapter for the car seat, I also used the bassinet, which was DD's first bed for four months. And Valco does come with lots of accessories--cup holder, rain cover, etc. And you can add onto over time--there's a boogie board for an older child and a toddler seat which turns the whole thing into a double. I bought mine from Kiwi Kids LLC in the states, and the shipping rates were awesome. No duty or anything. Consider them for a quote...

    I am coveting an umbrella stroller at the moment, but not because I need one. I think I have not made any baby purchases in a long while and I feel the need to buy myself a new toy. 

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