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first sprint triathlon/running and swimming help

Hello.  I Usually post on the knot boards, but have started "lurking" here on the nest boards for H & F.  I find it more helpful than the getting in shape on the knot, because it is less about being skinny for your wedding, and more about being fit. 

I have made a goal of doing a sprint triathlon.  I have nother done anything like this.  I have been running, biking, and swimming.  When I started, I could barely run .25 mi.  Now I am running 2.5.  I have plateaued, and have not been able to increase by distance running.  I've been getting pains in my ankles and arches of my feet. I also get out of breath and have to walk. My biking is fine.  I may not be the fastest, but will be able to do the distance no prob.  I am struggling with my swimming as well.

Any traithletes, runners, or swimemrs who can give a 1st timer some pointers?  TIA

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Re: first sprint triathlon/running and swimming help

  • I can't help you with the swimming, but as far as running....

    The pains you describe remind me of what I experienced years ago before I got my orthotics.  Turns out, my arches are fairly normal, but I overpronate when I stand/walk/run (my arches flatten out and ankles/feet roll inward). 

    How are your shoes?  If they are a year old or more, look at taking them to a running specific store and getting fitted for new ones.  Some have treadmills so they can watch you run and computer systems to diagnose any feet problems that can throw your body out of alignment.  That may help.  They may even give you advice on any other running questions you have or get you hooked up with a running or tri group.

  • Take lessons or swim with a masters group. Make sure you do a few open water swims (with a buddy of course) as the first time in open water can be a little nerve racking.?
  • thanks for the advice.  I should check out some new shoes.  I also hope it will help when I can move my runs back outside.

    I wish I could take a swimming lesson/class.  Right now I don't have the time or money.  Do you think I could get away with doign the breaststroke for the swimming part?  I'm not trying to win, but I don't want to completely embarass myself.

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  • You could do the breaststroke, just try not to kick anyone. You can do any stroke you want to, even backstroke, which I don't recommend at all. Will you be swimming on your own to get your swimming workout?
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