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Anyone have a patio instead of a deck?

We are finishing our backyard this summer and I am currently debating with DH on whether or not we put in a deck or build a patio.  We have a corner lot with an oversized detatched garage in the back.  Because our garage is oversized it ends up coming fairly close to the back of the house.  My guess would be approx 10 feet from the back of our house to the start of the garage.  I think with that short of a distance the cut of to the deck wouldn look kind of weird but I think that a pation with some steps down from out back door would be better and would flow better into the back of the garage (does that make senese).  DH is convinced that the cost would be way higher to build a patio rather than a deck but I am not so convinced so I am wondering if anyone has built a patio and approx how much it cost (if you don`t mind sharing).  Also if you were in this situation what would your opt for. 


PS we do have a yard it is just off to the side of the house!


Proud Mama to two sweet kiddos.

Re: Anyone have a patio instead of a deck?

  • We have a really large deck off the back of our house.

    I am going to assume a patio is level with the ground. Correct?

    If so, I would assume a patio would be cheaper to build. With a deck you have to/are suppose to get pilings drilled to support the weight of the deck. And, depending on your area and the ground you have to go a certain depth into the earth. I think with a deck you also have to get a building permit, mind you most people don't/wouldn't. I wouldn't think you would need a permit to build a patio.

    I totally don't know tho.

  • We debated patio vs deck last spring. We ran all the numbers and it was cheaper to put in the patio.

    I have some pictures of it here.

    We have since added some gardens around it, replaced the grass and bought patio furniture.

    The total cost was under $4000 (our patio is over 500 sqft). When we got quoted for a deck (doing the work ourselves) it was over $6000 just for the materials.


  • Our backyard is small-ish, so we opted for a patio with steps from our patio doors to keep the sightline of the yard looking bigger. ?We got interlocking bricks free (from my parents, the used to be part of a very deep extra wide double driveway before the road was widened), That said we did end up paying $200+ in gas hauling them from London to Guelph in a friend's pick-up. ?I think the whole project for us was maybe $750 for a 200sqft patio, including the gas.


    It was really easy to put in ourselves, and faired over a winter without shifting. ?We don't need permits here for a patio, but an attached deck we would have needed them.?

  • Dh will never again have a deck.  There is a deck on our house from before we bought it.  It is maybe 11 x 12.  Too small to really be all that useful, and is a pain in the a$$ to maintain.  When we moved in, it was painted beige, but there was a pinkish hue to it, so we stripped it all down and stained it.  Took us 3 full weekends, and every night during the week for 2 weeks.

    When we build our next house, it will have a patio.  Plus, with a patio, if you have a big party or whatever, people can "spill off" the side of the patio, it make the are more usable.

  • We had the same debate, and I really wanted a patio because I was worried that a patio would close off the space since it's elevated. I thought a patio would work better with kids. Ours is 17 ft by 19 ft, and cost $4500, but we picked a fairly expensive stone though.


  • Our condo has a courtyard and a roof top deck...both of which I'll miss when we move. BUT the new house has just a small (10x10) covered deck off the kitchen, the plan is to have a paved patio off the back of the house. I was always a "deck person" but after having our courtyard, I love the feeling of privacy that being so low to the ground creates. Patios are less maintenance, and cheaper than decks in the long run. Given your situation, it sounds like a patio would look better and be more practical.

  • We moved into our house with pre-existing patios and decks so I don't know the cost, but I do have to say a stone patio has WAY WAY WAY less maintenance than a deck. You never have to re-paint/stain a patio :P it would probably be better for re-sale too, for this reason. the only maintenance we've had so far with the patio is removing the weeds between the stones, which would be easy with Weed Out (but there is a pesticide ban in Toronto)

    good luck with the decision!!

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