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Hairdresser Vent

I went to the Salon on Thursday. I got a trim and foils.

I told the hairdresser I wanted BLONDE! I hadn't had my hair done in 6 months so it was very grown out and I had really bad roots. I suggested either we do 1 color all over (no foils) or we do foils but do LOTS of them so there isn't alot of the old stuff left behind. 

I told her the last few times I have had to come back because I wasn't satisfied because they didn't make it blonde enough. I also told her to put LOTS of blonde foils at the top and framing my face. I said that the color tends to fade and/or blend really easy.

So she did foils. Wash the hair color out, cut and dry. It looked fine in the salon, good and blonde. My friend (who was watching Haden) says it looks really nice as well. I am satisfied.

The next day DH sees it and says "its not very blonde, I thought it was going to way more blonde". So I go check it out in the mirror and he is right, its not as blonde as it was the day it was done. Fading/Blending has already started.

I don't know what to do. It cosy me $200.00. I HATE going back. I have already had to go back to this girl before to get her to put more color in. 

I really stressed to her that I wanted it REALLY BLONDE. I don't know how to stress it any more. I told her not to be afraid. 

So I am torn as what to do. And I know everyone will say suck it up and go back. I guess I just needed to vent. It just really pisses me off that this is the THIRD time this has happend to me (in a row). It's not like I want my hair porn star blonde, but a nice blonde like I have had before (in lots of my pictures and at my wedding).


Re: Hairdresser Vent

  • that is such a pain... I'm one of those that will tell you to go back. You paid 200 bucks for blonde hair that should stay blonde for more than a few hours.

    I'd go back in asap to prove how quickly it faded

  • I don't even think it has faded but just really blended with the old stuff. I warned her of this which is why I told her to do LOTS and not to leave much of the darker stuff behind.

    I just went and looked in the mirror again and took a sellf portrait and am not Happy. I think I will call and re-book. She just left way too much of the old darker stuff left at the top and framing my face which specifically asked her not to do.

    And it's not like I have 200.00 bucks to waste. Which is why it took me so long to get it done again. I just couldn't justify spending the money. 

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