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awesome MP3 player for the kiddos!

Jefferson loves his!  It's rubberized so it's durable and so easy for him to use.  They are a bit pricey, but it was a splurge for J's Christmas present.

If you use promo code: 21R40 you get $10 off.

Just thought I'd share=)


Re: awesome MP3 player for the kiddos!

  • I saw these in December and was going to buy one for my nieces. It won lots of toy awards last year.

    Glad to hear it's as good as they say it is. I'll have to think about purchasing one for out little one.

  • How old is your little one?  (19 months too young in your estimation?)  How about the volume?  Would DD be able to crank it right up and drive me up the wall?  lol.   


    Looks like  a neat product.  Not expensive at all, I don't think.  (Unless it has a really small memory?  Can't see that info on the page...)

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    Lilypie - (sGpn)

  • We have one for Neve because a friend bought it, couldn't figure out how to use it, broke it, and DH fixed it, lol.  She had already gotten a free replacement from the company (awesome company service!) so we got to keep the "broken" one!

    All of the volume controls are hidden so only parents control it.  Kids pick up how to use it really quickly.  The speaker is a little tinny, but kids aren't really as picky, lol.  The only major downside I see is that it only plays the songs in alphabetical order so song choice is fairly prefunctory.  But it's fun!  DH is now trying to figure out how to build one, lol...

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