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So what does Friday Evening have in store...

What is everyone up to this evening??

Re: So what does Friday Evening have in store...

  • Me: I am frantically searching looking for dinner ideas. I took out steak but I am at a total loss of what to cook with it. We don't have much for groceries so that doesn't help the situation.

    Nights like these I wish we had more money just to eat out. A pizza is sounding really good right about now.

    I am actually craving a nice salad with a balsamic vinegarette dressing. But I do not want to go into to town to go to the store,

     After dinner, not much planned. Maybe we will play some Wii after Haden goes to bed since there isn't much on tv on Friday Nights.

  • I'm sick - the whole family has it, so I'm exhausted. Noah was extremely moody today, with a lot of "no"'s... so I'm happy he's down for the night (and it didn't take much). I just hope that means he'll sleep the whole night through. We're about to have dinner... chicken and a big salad - as we watch TV.

    I brought work home for the weekend - I have a project that has to be done by Monday, and it will only take ~2-3 hours... so I might start that tonight.

    whoo - hoo Friday night... slooooooowwww down the fun!

  • We're going out for dinner for our anniversary. My parents and sisters just invited themselves along, but they've also offered to pay, so we're not complaining!
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  • We just got back from Costco and now I'm cooking enchiladas, and nesting, while DH is watching the Canadiens game! We'll probably end up playing some Wii or watching a movie after the game! It is way too cold to leave the house for any reason!
  • Cleaning my bedroom/master bath.  Its a very exciting night!
  • We put Annora down, which was no fun task since she's got a cold and is super unhappy these days.  Then we ate dinner, and now I'm nesting and contemplating running a bath.  I should do a workout but I think I might curl up with a book instead.  The last two nights I've been in bed by 9 PM (I'm such a party animal) and I think I might do that again tonight.
  • Well I WAS just hanging out with DH, until his friend called and asked if he wanted to play on the PS3, and now they're playing a shooter game and talking via headset, and I'm sitting here at loose ends. What to do? I'll probably shut myself in the bedroom in about half an hour to watch What Not to Wear. Yeehaw.

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  • Probably not much. My husband's in the middle of the worst teaching schedule he's ever had, and is so worn out. Maybe watch a movie?
  • Wow.  We are one exciting bunch of women.  Somebody hold us back before we get out of control.
  • sorry to say but i'm not adding any excitement to this post ;)

    I just finished studying - which is exciting to me! I'll probably review again in the morning before the exam but I feel pretty good about it. 

    Dh is just making dinner (pizza tonight) before he heads out to hockey. I'm catching up on emails (and nesting!) Once he's gone i'll be watching BSG (yes I'm the sci-fi fan in the household). Nothing too exciting since my exam is first thing in the morning.


  • I've been doing a LOT of cooking this week so I've given myself the night off and we're going out for something, maybe just pick up pizza or something. Also have to stop by Walmart to pick up some photos I emailed off earlier today.
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  • Not a huge heck of a lot...DH is away this weekend, so it is me, the dog and the little man.  He is in bed already adn I am nesting and watching tv, drinking my flat gingerale and munching on dry soda crackers, huge nausea already YIKES not again.
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  • I was out every other night this week so am having a relaxing night at home.

    We just finished watching The Usual Suspects (such a good movie!) and now am hanging out.

    Hopefully there are some nesties out there partying it up to make up for the rest of us homebodies =)

  • So much excitement at our house. I came home ate a pita pizza, did dishes, got to work on my EDIs (a kindergarten survey, each child's survey is about 20 minutes and I have 44 of them, but I'm on my last one!)

    DH came home, I made him a pizza. We just gave the dog (that we're dogsitting) a bath. It was actually quite funny and DH just went to the store to get milk and who knows what else. 

    I may do some cleaning yet for my Norwex party tomorrow night.


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  • After work mailed out the the Feb Random Exchange gift than since I was at the mall stopped buy PJ Pets and got more food for the hamster.

    Made dinner (Salmon with rice and side salad) had two frined come over. My GF is PG - EDD March 16th so she'v very un-comffy!!! She fell asleep on our couch and they just left about 15 min ago.

    I'm catching up on my post, DH is letting the T.V. watch him Wink and we're going to ber in about 10....FUN!

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