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SIL Drama


Re: SIL Drama

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    Don't talk about her and don't make a big deal about her. She showed you what's she's about -believe her. 

    She really shouldn't be that important to you.  If she is, its becuase she's a drama queen.  And the best way to seek revenge on drama queens is to stop being an audience for them, stop talking about them, and overall stop caring about them.  They hate that.

    Ditto this!

    You should be glad that your dh has stood up for you!  Your SIL has issues, but that's not your problem.  If your BIL wanted a close relationship with his brother (your dh), he would expect his wife to be polite to you.  Not best friends, but show some manners.  It's not your job to single-handedly promote a close bond between your dh and his brother.

    Let DH handle his parents and his BIL.  He is doing a good job, it seems.  If the parents ask YOU if you have called SIL, just say "DH is in charge of his brother and his brother's wife." 

    And stop inviting them over.  Treat SIL and BIL like any other rude guest - don't invite them back. If that becomes a major source of drama (and it will - inviting them will cause drama like you saw on your birthday, not inviting them will cause more drama), ignore it.  They were rude, they shouldn't expected to be asked back, and they shouldn't expect an invite to your home while you are on the "no entry" list.  Be polite but keep your distance at family functions.

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