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Question about paypal

Is it possible for someone to scam you through paypal, where it looks like they sent you the money, but they really didn't?

I'm selling something on craigslist and someone has asked if they will mail it if they pay via paypal. I can see why they wouldn't want to drive out to n.bend from puyallup as it's a small item. I haven't really heard of any paypal scams.. but I thought I was ask.

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Re: Question about paypal

  • The only issue I can think of would be if someone transferred funds out of their checking account into their Paypal account and it came back as insufficient funds... But I would imagine that would be an issue between that person and Paypal, not you....
  • i've done a few paypal payments, then mailed stuff transactions and didn't have any issues. GL!  just remember paypal takes a small percentage out.
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  • PayPal also warns you that if the person pays by check with PayPal, it takes extra time to process, and not to send the item yet.  I think it sounds up and up, but definitely wait until you've withdrawn the funds and they are really in your account.
  • My suggestion with Palpal is never ever link your checking account to your Paypal account!  I mean never ever do it!  They push it on you since it is faster and cheaper.  Only use a credit card to link your account.  I linked my checking to my paypal and had money stolen from me.  It was many small charges, but I had to close my checking account and file a police report and everything.  Royal PITA!
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