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diaper rash

W has never had diaper rash. Yesterday morning he woke up with a really red bottom. It almost looked blistered, but I thought it was probably just red, and his first case of diaper rash. I put ointment on it (2x yesterday). It seemed ok first thing this morning, but just now when I went to hcange him, a couple of the spots look raw, like burst blisters.

Maybe this isn't diaper rash? The only new food he has had was tomatos a week or so ago and strawberries a few days ago. The odd thing is that there seem to be scratches too now??? I don't understand.

Is this relatively normal, or should I ring the health visitor?

Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)

Re: diaper rash

  • I have seen description of diaper rash around the internetz that sound like you are describing it.  I think its is normal.  I also have read that acidic foods like tomatoes or strawberries can sometimes cause a rash.  I hope it heals soon!
  • Gosh, I don't really know.  If I were you I would keep a close eye on it and if it doesn't clear up in a day or two, I would make a dr appt just to be sure.  Seems it could be diaper rash, or it could be a reaction to something he's eaten.  If he's eaten those foods in the past w/o issue, its probably not a reaction to them though (so might be something else new he's eaten?)  Try to let the area air out for as long as possible, its important that the area is completely dry and if possible exposed to air for some time.  This might mean letting him go w/o a diaper for a little while.  Once its had time to dry and air out fully, apply diaper creme.  You should pretty much do this at every diaper change.  :-(  I know, its time consuming.

     Jane had pretty bad diaper rash when she was teething (not to connect this to teething), I wouldn't say it was as severe as you've described, but it was very red and she was clearly in a lot of pain.  Does he seem to be in pain when you wipe the area?  I always tried to do the things I mentioned about and it went away after a day or two.  Good Luck.  Sorry your little guy has to go through this (and you too).    

  • Costa just developed the same sort of rash...although it's just in his "crack" with white blisters that look like white heads.  From everything I read on the internet, it pointed to seeing a Dr., so we are headed in today.

    Normal diaper rash doesn't have blisters, that's why I was concerned...

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