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teething symptoms ?

So, moms who misread teething symptoms, what was the difference? I know the only way to know that it's def teething is for teeth to come, but looking back, was there a real difference?
Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)

Re: teething symptoms ?

  • The day Milo's first tooth came in we were in Derby having hot chocolate with titicole!  He hadn't been fussy, been drooling anymore than normal or had a sore bottom.  And he's acted differently with each new tooth, so for Milo at least, there doesn't seem to be any concrete way to know it's happening until we see the tooth cutting through.

  • see, that's why - in my completely unexperience and unscientific opinion :) - I think that the teething pain comes before the teeth... W has the reddest bottom I've ever seen on him, swollen gums and is cranky and drooling like a faucet. So he's probably not going to get teeth... :-P
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • You may not really be misreading the symptoms, babies may be teething and have teething symptoms even if teeth don't appear for awhile.  Teeth don't necessarily just come straight up - they can start to come up and then stop, or even recess back down.  Teething symptoms for us included all sorts of things, but the main ones seemed to be drooling, chewing on EVERYTHING, fever, red cheeks, ear aches - oh yeah, and of course a rather grumpy baby.  GL!

  • Jeffery never had real problems other than serious amounts of drooling and chewing on everything, mostly his fingers. He was super young with his first two though, and we didn't even realize he was teething until we could actually see them under the gums. It was a week or so later that they broke through. We'll see how his next ones do. He's already drooling again, and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, which I'm told is a sure way of knowing that it's the teeth.
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