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- alcyone -

What type of sling or carrier do you use for DL? Are you using a different one now than at the beginning? And where did you get it? Would you recommend yours? And does your DH use it as well?

I absolutely want to get a sling to put our baby into when I work around the house, and when going out with a pram just isn't convenient. Ideally it would be one that DH could wear as well, without us having to get two different sizes. 


Re: - alcyone -

  • We've got three different carriers.

    1) Snugli - This is an old school one that my mom used with me in the 70s. ?Snuglis today are lots different, and this one is more like a Weego. ?You can occasionally find an old Snugli on eBay, if you search for 'denim snugli' or 'corduroy snugli.' ?This is DH's preferred carrier. ?It's more structured and he thinks it feels more secure. ?We started using it when she was 3 days old and still use it now sometimes.

    image6-day old Dagmar in Snugli!

    2) Taylor Made sling - This was a gift but I think if you google it they aren't so hard to find. ?I preferred this over the Snugli because it was so easy to get on and off and to adjust. ?I used it until about three months, and then D.L. learned how to, er, adjust it herself by stretching her legs out forcefully. ?Then it would be really loose and that was bad. ?I'm told that it's still going to be useful for a hip carry now that she can sit up, but I haven't tried it yet because I can't put an overcoat over a hip carry like I can with a front carry, and it's winter in Denmark. ;-) ?DH has used it, but he was always nervous about it not feeling as secure as the Snugli.

    imagebet you can't tell I'm nursing!

    I don't think there's anything particularly special about the Taylor Made, though. ?It's like every other plain ring sling. ?If I hadn't gotten it as a gift, I might have splurged for one with pockets, like a Dream Sling or a padded one, like a Baba. ?And I wouldn't have gotten it in blue. ?People get super confused about a little frilly pink baby in a blue sling!

    3) Baby Hawk - My post-D.L.-leg-stretching new favorite. ?Easy, but slightly more time-consuming than the sling to get on and off, and unlike the Snugli, there's no extra fabric between me and her. ?So it's extra snuggly, though I usually put a bib on her because now spit-up has a direct path to me. ?It's super comfy and I like that it's over both shoulders instead of one like the sling. ?It seems I can go forever with her in this. ?I can carry on my front or back. ?My Snugli only does front, but iirc the Weego can do either. ?I think it's only in the US, though. ?The Ergo and Beco Butterfly are similar but have snappy bits instead of just ties. (Sorry?don't seem to have a piccie!) ?DH wears this one too. ?He still seems to prefer the metal buckles of the Snugli, but he does like the Baby Hawk. ?He picked out the fabric so I'd be sure he wouldn't be embarassed about it being too girly or whatever, but I still get comments about how beautiful it is.

    If I had a bunch of extra money to spend on another carrier that I don't actually need, I'd probably get a Baby K'Tan. ?I've never used it but I watched all their videos in awe. ?It looks pretty slick.

  • I'm completely butting in, but we have two carriers: a bjorn and a ring sling (both second hand from my sister). W never liked the sling, but has been happy in the bjorn from the first time we put him in it. I think he felt too confined in the sling (strange for a baby, I know, but he didn't like swaddling either). 

    I'd love something less rigid, and have oftgen contemplated the moby-type wraps, but I'm not sure how useful it is now that W is getting kinda heavy (20lbs)... But I'm tempted by the babyhawk's ability to do back carrying :)

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • I just saw this pic and thought I'd share, even though it's not the most helpful pic of the Baby Hawk.


    But you can kinda see the headrest is folded down. ?They have a "Toddler Hawk" without the headrest but they had all over the place DON'T BUY IT for kids that aren't toddlers yet. ?I'm wondering if there is some other difference because we always have the headrest folded down. ?She wants to look out, and she's had excellent head control since she was maybe 2 months old so I don't feel she needs a headrest.

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