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3/22 free to join Bone Marrow Registry

Normally it costs $50-100 to join (yes, just as a donor, to offset costs) but on 3/22 at the stairclimb you can register for free thanks to the Wayne R. Mangan Family Foundation.

All you have to do is give your info and a cheek swab.

On any given day around 6,000 people are searching for an appropriate match due to lymphoma, leukemia and other life-threatening diseases.

Donating bone marrow is done under anasthesia and withdrawn via a needle in your pelvic bones, resulting in some soreness but for the recipient, means so much more.

If you are matched you have resources to help you decide if you want to follow through.


Re: 3/22 free to join Bone Marrow Registry

  • Great PSA Alisha Thank you!!!
  • I thought it was pretty painful for the donor? And is it just a one day procedure?
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  • Its usually a one day outpatient but some people stay overnight. Its done under general anasthesia about 75% of the time, otherwise with an epidural or other local form of anasthesia, so you aren't going to feel pain during it.

    That scene on Grey's (I think wasn't that the show?) was super dramatic and couldn't use anasthesia for some reason.

    Its normal to feel soreness for a few days and no, I can't say any of this would be something I would look forward to, but if meant that someone could live instead of facing imminent death, then yes, its something I'd be happy to do. What if someone close to you had leukemia and could live with a marrow transplant? It would seem like a small thing from that perspective.

    The marrow registry also is for blood stem cells which you donate much like plasma.

    Tons of info at

    Also all costs including potential complications are covered.


  • This is great to know... thanks!

    In high school, a woman came to talk to our class about her daughter who had Aplastic Anemia, and they wanted to let us know about the registry (I went to a health magnet school).  There were very few hispanics in the registry, so it was only free for people with hispanic heritage to join at that time.  I remember telling the lady I would join and she just looked so grateful!  It was really sad.  I don't know what happened to her daughter (but I did join).  I should do it up here though -- that was in Texas, and a long time ago...


  • That's awesome.  Perhaps I dumb, but where is the stairclimb going to located?  I would be willing to go down just to sign up.  Thanks! 
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  • image mishquiche:
    That's awesome.  Perhaps I dumb, but where is the stairclimb going to located?  I would be willing to go down just to sign up.  Thanks! 


    It's called The Big Climb

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling us this! I've done the cheek swab but haven't done the $50 fee to be on the official registry yet. Thank you so much for telling us!

    One of my students was the recipient of a bone marrow transplant this past Fall. She is doing SO well and the fact that they found a donor was such a huge blessing for their family. I will never be able to properly relate what an amazing gift the marrow was for their family.

  • that is so cool Mandy! The idea scares me, but I'd want to do it if I were a match. I know its so hard to find a match, and besides, now more requests are for blood cells anyhow.

    Thanks Stacylu for posting the location! Duh...forgot that important part! lol

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