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~Bumps, Mothers, and Others~


Bahamasbride.04.07 (Germany) ? Due March 11, 2009

Dontfeedthegreen (Scotland) - Due May 8, 2009

Vivjek (Australia) ? Due June 4, 2009

ExpatFamily06 (UK) ? Due June 18, 2009

Newporter (Ireland) - Due Mid July, 2009

StephanieVM (Argentina) - Due July 25, 2009

katy_ryn (Kawarthas) ? Due Aug 5, 2009 (Japan) - Due Aug 15, 2009

FayeD (Italy) ? Due Aug 29, 2009

Mrshooi (South Africa) ? Due September 2009



Ukyankee (UK) ? TTC#1

Choensa (Korea) ? TTC #1

Alwyzbsy (Germany) ? TTC #1

LoopyNoodle (Ireland) ? TTC#1

Brainie ? TTC#1

Lelia (Germany) ? TTC #1 



Gennig26 (Italy) ? Girl, Adelyn Grace born 20 Feb 2009

Beannie (UK) ? Boy, Theodore Michael born 6 Feb 2009

LaChurch(Luxembourg) ? Boy, born 21 Jan 2009

LizzieandGar (Ireland) - Boy, James born 7 Jan 2009

Jillana (UK) ? Boy, Costa born 27 October 2008

Cakenbake ? Boy, Jeffery born 27 September 2008

Craftyrachel (France/US) ? Boy, Jacob born 24 September 2008

Alcyone (Denmark) ? Girl, Dagmar born 10 September 2008

Sarahkelly (Netherlands) ? Girl, Sadie born 1st August 2008

Welshgirl (UK) ? Boy, William born 27 June 2008

KimiCas (UK soon) - Boy, Sebastien born 12 June 2008

Twopeasinapod (Netherlands) ? Boy, Quint born 22 April 2008

Xabbyx (UK) ? Boy, Milo born 13 April 2008

UKmargie (UK) ? Girl, Madeleine Anne born 17th February 2008

Bugmommy (Australia)  - Two boys, Bug born 13 May 2006, Bugbaby born 19 February 2008

Cee-jay ? Lina born 12 March 2008

Clintsbabe (Germany) ? Two girls, C born Nov 2005, V born March 2008

Andrea922 (UK) ? Finlay born 10th February 2008

Lyvienna (Vienna) ? Owen born 23rd January 2008

BlushingRose (UK) ? James Edward born 20th December 2007

Hamilton (UK) ? Boy born November 2007

Newporter (Ireland) ? Girl born 5th July 2007

Bigfatgreekwedd (Netherlands) ? Una born 2nd July 2007

StephanieVM (France/Argentina) ? Scootie born 27th April 2007

Solete ? Maia Gabriela born 5 February 2007, Thomas Ethan born 13 March 2008



Dani_Galdi_2b (Italy)


If you want to be added, deleted, or changed, please let me know.

 Congrats Gennig!

  1. How are you this week? Ups and downs to report? News?

Proverbs 3:5-6
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After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.

Re: ~Bumps, Mothers, and Others~

  • I had a great BFP dream last night.  It was the same brand test I used for my BFP, which I haven't used since - maybe that's my problem, wrong brand, just kidding Stick out tongue.

    I have an appointment next Friday with my dr, so am hopeful to have some answers and options.

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    <a href="">
    <img border="0" src=";4;28/st/20100816/n/My+daughter/dt/1/k/813c/age.png"></a>

    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
  • Just wanted to say thanks so much everyone for the congrats!!! 

    I haven't had a chance to write down everything (and I'm typing w/ 1 hand now as Adelyn is sleeping in the other arm :) but we have good news.  Her blood culture and lab results came back normal - there was worry that she developed an infection from the infection I got during labor -, and at her check-up this week the Dr said she is doing great!! 

    I'm recovering from the c-section and doing well, breastfeeding has been tough and trying at times but I'm hanging in there.  My mom leaves for the States on Saturday but sweet DH is taking off work all next week to help me. 

    I can't believe she is going  to be 1 week old already tomorrow afternoon!!

  • Aw, it goes so quick! Good luck with the BFing. Dont worry about asking for help either :)

    Not much going on, although there might be... although it's probably just a mama's wishful thinking. W has been teething like crazy, is treally cranky, and has now got this mysterious red spot on the top of his lower gums, right where teh teeth will come thru... It's probably wishful thinking that they'll break thru soon, but goodness, this has been coming for more than four months! The poor boy. I hope he gets some relief soon.

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • The fatigue fog is almost gone and I'm feeling pretty good. Even made it to circuit class and yoga today.

  • The past two nights, D.L. has almost STTN. ?She wakes up 2 or 3 hours before I'm ready to get up but she'll fall right back to sleep if I nurse her. ?We're both sleeping tons better with her in her crib all night. ?Our co-sleeping days are officially over. ?Her 5-month vax and check-up went well. ?Her growth has been steady, and she keeps wowing people with amazing feats of strength. ?Apparently she's the total opposite of me: tall, strong, athletic, loves the outdoors, and hasn't got much to say.
  • All is good here.  Aside from some sleep issues that we are working around, all is well!  Feeling ok!  Fat & ugly- but that goes w/ pregnancy!
  • Do babies really teethe for 4 months? That sounds... prolonged?

    James has begun to be fussy, which has been less fun for us than when he wasn't fussy at all. ?Suddenly during feeds he'll get ants in his pants and just wiggle around or cry. ?Out of no where. ?We burp him, a burp comes up but he's still wiggling and crying. This is in the past two days. ?We're hoping it's a passing phase because I'm tired of fighting with my child to eat just 5 ounces.

    Otherwise we're good. I look forward to seeing his weight on Wednesday, when we're due to go down to the public health nurse. ?He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces last Wednesday so hopefully he's closer to 9 pounds now.?

  • W is sort of slow with it I think. He goes in fits and spurts that seem to get more intense, and then go away. His gums were swollen for the first time while we were in Seville... so that's a promising sign??
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Lizzie - I think, in retrospect, that we thought Finn was teething a lot when he wasn't actually, it can be confusing. But no, 4 months isn't normal. Although they come in spurts, so you could get different teeth over 4 months, or more. Finn is stuck at 6 teeth for months now. Grr.

    I have given up talking about having another baby for Lent, since that was sort of all consuming to me.

    Finn is fabulous, and took his first steps yesterday. Whoo hoo!

    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • imageandrea922:

    Finn is fabulous, and took his first steps yesterday. Whoo hoo!

    WTG Finn!

  • We're good!  Just got back from Birmingham and Milo didn't poo the whole time...only to do so twice in about 20 minutes once we got home...hhmm...weird, right?

    I also think we thought Milo was teething when he wasn't.  He was showing what we thought were all the symptoms for months before any teeth came through.  He's got 8 now and they are sharp!

  • hey, i'm doing alright. my cold is showing minimal progress, but at least it's not getting worse. i really want to kick it soon, because if not i won't have much energy for delivery!

    yesterday i had to go for a contraction stress test. i wasn't too worried and luckily eveyrthing looks good. we went for a follow up NST this morning, again baby is looking good. one more follow-up on sunday then i guess i'll f/u with my regular OB at our weekly appt next week- if i haven't delivered yet! i am pleased that they are paying such close attention.

    i was having some contractions tonight and DH was so excited. i don't think this little one is quite on its way yet, though! 


  • bahamasbride - that's excellent! let's hope these are the practice contractions for the real thing :-)

    I don't really have much in the way of news. She's still kicking away, which is great - I never get tired of it. I'm a bit frustrated about all the things I need to buy and can't seem to find in Melbourne, but I guess that's part of being pregnant away from the familiar. Thank goodness for Ikea - I'm not sure what I would have done if that, too, hadn't been here. Thankfully my mom is offering to send over several of the items I can't find here, which is great. 

  • New to the check in.

    KimiCas-soon to be UK. 

    Sebastien born 12 June 2008

    This week I'm going mental. I feel like the days are ticking by slowly. In 2 days we fly to the UK to see my husband after a month of being apart. I'm stoked but Saturday can't come fast enough.

    We also tried solids and are getting ready to move onto a new fruit. I think I'm more excited than Seba is.

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  • KimiCas - you have been added.  Is your trip soon to visit DH or to join him in the UK?
    Proverbs 3:5-6
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    <img border="0" src=";4;28/st/20100816/n/My+daughter/dt/1/k/813c/age.png"></a>

    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
  • Not much going on here.

    Lina started swimming a few weeks ago and loves it. 

    She still only has the 2 bottom teeth at 11 mos!

    And we had her U6 appt yesterday.  Her weight and all are totally normal, but her height is off the charts. She's already wearing 18mos old clothes. 

    BTW, that's awesome that Finn is walking! 

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