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**Ellen and Amber**

How are Emma and Joey doing? All of you have been in my thoughts this past week. I hope those sweet babies are feeling better!

Re: **Ellen and Amber**

  • Emma seems to be doing a lot better!  She never gave us any indication of the ear infections......not tugging, rubbing, we have a follow up in 2 weeks to be sure that everything has cleared up.  We finally are at a point where she can be around people so we went grocery shopping today.  I know....SOOO exciting!

    How is Hailey?  What kind of stuff is she doing now?

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  • I'm so glad Emma is doing better! You must have been so exhausted this past week. I bet it felt so good to get out of the house today!

    Haley is good. She just turned 10 months old! She is crawling and pulling herself up to things. I have a feeling it won't be long before she starts walking.

    What kinds of things is Emma doing? Can you believe how fast it goes!!! 

  • Hey Stacie!

     Joey is doing much better! His wheezing and coughing is pretty much gone now. He still gets stuffy from time to time, but seems to be doing well overall. He hasn't thrown up in two days now! It was definitely scary for a while.

  • You must have been so scared! Has he gone back to "school" yet? I'm so glad he is doing better! When spring finally gets here, all of us girls should get the babies together for a play date!
  • He isn't supposed to go back until weds, but I'm only letting him go back if he's 100% better. He still has a cough and gets congested at times. I really hope he can go back because I can't take any time off of work right now. I think a gtg with the babies would be so much fun!
  • Glad Joey is doing better....Emma misses him!

    Emma has finally figured out how to roll the other way now and can roll across the room.  She can stand up with some support.  she still hasn't been too intersted in crawling.  she babbles a bit...babababababa, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I love the babbling!

    Play date will be awesome!

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  • It is so cute when they roll! Joey will not stay on his stomach at all. He rolls one way or the other within just a few seconds. He really puts some force behind it, I'm worried he is going to hurt himself the way he plops onto his back!
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