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Lasik surgery $ and alternative options...

I have pretty bad eyesight (contacts- I'm a -7.0)... I did check to see if I qualify for Lasik (which I do), and am condiering getting laser eye surgery.

1. What are your thoughts about Lasik eye surgery (the center by Kenwood Mall)? Rants/Raves? What was the pricing? I've also heard that you have free lifetime correction- is this correct?

2. I've also heard of a ophthalmologist named Robert Benza (Iocated in Madeira). My boss went to him (about 4 years ago) and really liked him b/c he had his own practice and felt more of a personal patient-doctor interaction.

3. Any other alternative??

Any feedback would be appreciated!?

Re: Lasik surgery $ and alternative options...

  • I have no opinions on the docs...  but I wanted to offer this piece of advice.  Go with a place that does a "guarantee" for the lasik.  If any adjustments need to be made, or they need to go back and fix something, etc..., it should be paid for with the initial LASIK.  A guy I dated before I met DH had some complication with something, and because of the 'guarantee' it was paid for. 
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  • Love to tell you about my experience. Email me [email protected]

  • I got mine done at Lasik Plus in 2005. It was great I had no problems. Plus they had 0% interest for 18 months so I didn't have to pay for it all up front which was nice. I did get the guarantee. I believe it's called the lifetime acuity plan or something like that. The only catch is I go back yearly for them to look at my eyes or I lose it, if memory serves me. I have perfect vision & don't have a single complaint. It was a great experience with very little recovery time. When the surgery was over I could see perfectly.
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  • I looked into Lasik back in the summer of 2006.  Lucky for you I still have all my info!

    I was approved at Lasik Plus in Dayton.  The prices back then started at $999 per eye with free enhancements for one year for their Broad Beam Technology, $1499 per eye for their Flying Spot Technology laser (including lifetime adjustments) and the Wavefront treatment (I think that's the custom guided laser that maps your eyes as it does the treatment) was $1999 per eye w/ enhancements for one year, $2249 for life.  I think they offered a little discount if you paid by cash/check vs credit card.

    I was going to go to Midwest Eye Center for a quote but they charged $75 and I wasn't too happy about that.  I ended up not going there at all b/c I had my consult at the place by Kenwood (can't remember the name though LCI??).  They told me that I have very thin and uneaven corneas (or lenses?) and I'd go blind if I had any kind of corrective vision surgery.  That sort of freaked me out so I didn't go for any other consults.  I was pretty mad that Lasik Plus had told me something completly different.

    For some reason I have 2004 pricing for Midwest Eye Center.  Drs. Schneider and Sanitato charged $2995 for both eyes if you paid upfront (no financiang).  Custom Lasik was $500 more per eye.  I think these fees included lifetime corrections.  They had a newer Doctor (Elizabeth Holland) who had done "over 1400 Lasik treatments" but still charged less.  Her fee was $1995 upfront with no enhancements.

    My mom went to Dr. Amend back in 1992-3.  This was before laser surgery so she had RK surgery.  (they actually used a hand held scaple-yikes!!).  She had severe astigmatism and she was able to see better than 20/20.  She still can, but she does nead OTC reading glasses b/c of her age.

    Some places seem go give discounts if you go towards the end of the year. I guess a bunch of people go in January or the begining of the year when their FSA money kicks in.  

    So my best advice would be to get several (at least 3) quotes/opinions so you don't get a suprise like I did.

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  • I had mine done at Lasikplus in Kenwood in March 2007 - no complaints whatsoever. It was fast and painless. Same 0% for 18 months and lifetime guarantees that the other person above quoted. It cost me @ $2900 for both eyes. Dr. Moreno did the surgery. You can't drive yourself home and the first 24 hours is a little unsettling (no pain though, just some blurriness and depth perception issues while your corneas heal), but I was able to drive myself around town shopping for non-prescription sunglasses the very next day with no problems. (The first time I'd ever been able to wear sunglasses and still see.) I've not had any problems since.

    My vision is better than 20/20 now - I see better than I did with my glasses ON! - I wish I'd done it 5 years ago. No regrets. Would do it again.

  • Good post! I am thinking of Lasik eye surgery, my prescription in something like a -6.5 and I hate being so dependent on glasses/contacts.

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