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Should I do this? I need encouragement!

In case you've been under a rock (or just aren't a hippy Wink) Phish got back together and their first shows after 5 years are in March.  Tix are outrageous, plus travel, hotel, boarding the way that DH and I can go.  BUT - my work is sending me to DC the same weekend, which is an hour away from the concert..........

I can definitely afford one ticket (and the rental car to get there and one night hotel, so that's not on the company dime), but I feel kinda funny about going by myself.  It's not that I can't hang by myself, it's more that I've never been to a Phish show without DH and I'm afraid I'll miss him or feel bad that he's missing out and not enjoy myself as much as I should. 

But that's stupid, right??  DH already said that if it were him, he'd go to the show and not think twice - even knowing full well that I'd be home jealous as hell.

I should go.  Don't you think?  I should rent a car and drive the hour and make friends with the people near me and have a great time and pretend I don't have a jealous-as-hell DH at home with my kid.  RIGHT???

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Re: Should I do this? I need encouragement!

  • I am just like you - I feel insecure doing that kind of stuff to that extent on my own. If you can afford it and are really excited to go, don't not do it just because DH is being "left out". Take your camera and bring him home plenty of pics and souvenirs and whatnot. At the same time, don't feel obligated to go if you feel like you'll be lonely and selfconscious by yourself.
  • I have been living under a rock and had no idea that they got back together. ?You should definitely go. ?You will regret not going.
  • You should go!  And how under a rock am I--I didn't know they'd broken up at all!
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  • Go!

    I go to most of my concerts alone (Mr. Liu only goes if I get seats, which I don't usually do unless it's Ozzfest or something). I always have a great time.

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