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(#) Suggest exercise for me

So, I'm doing couch to 5k and that's working out well.  But I'd like to mix it up, both because I don't want to burn out on that and because I need an alternative to when I can't do it.  It was raining this morning, and while it's sunny now and I'd go if I could, I can't get to the public track because it's school hours, so I'm sort of stuck.

So, I'd like a back up or something to do on my off days.

I can't do join a gym or a class right now, so this has to be free or low cost (eg a DVD or some low cost piece of equipment). 

My living room is a decent size for exercise but we have wood floors and an old rickety house, so too much stomping makes the whole place shake (plus there will be times when my husband will be studying in the next room).  So maybe something that I can do barefoot or in socks might be ideal.  I also have a tiny backyard that's a mix of weeds, dirt, and a concrete sidewalk.  And a bedroom that is carpeted and conducive to stomping (but no TV in there).

I have a wrist injury so I can't do push ups (such a pity) but other than that, no real body/health concerns.

Any ideas?




Re: (#) Suggest exercise for me

  • As far as DVDs go, maybe a cardio kickboxing/tae bo type of thing?  I really enjoyed the cardio kickbox class I went to a few times.  (I stopped because of schedule.)  That shouldn't have too much stomping.  If you get some small hand weights, the 8-minute Abs & Arms video (yes, the super cheesy one from the 80s) is actually pretty good.  The arms segment opens with pushups, but you could just do something else for the first 30 seconds.

    I really enjoy step aerobics. I got a step with accompanying DVD from Target for about $50 (although you might even be able to find it cheaper if you have a Play It Again Sports or other used sporting goods shop around). That wouldn't be so conducive for your whole no-stomping-around thing in the living room, but once you learned some of the steps, you could write up your own routine and do it in the bedroom.  I have a list of steps that I just cycle through while watching TV or listening to music because I got tired of doing the same DVD over and over.

    There might be some cheap or free classes around somewhere.  Your H is in school, right? Can spouses join the gym or take classes?  City and county recreation departments sometimes offer classes for low cost. You can also sometimes sign up for a single class at the Y.  I've done step aerobics, cardio kickbox, and water aerobics and liked them all. Do you like to swim?  Your local rec department might have open swim?  Mine has it for $1 per visit, but they cut it down to once a week (which was the reason I joined the Y).  Sometimes local churches even have exercise classes.


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  • This is lame, but I love this DVD:

    It's hip hop "dance."  It's not all dancey, but some is.  And it's GREAT exercise.  IT's nice because it's broken up into 10 minute segments that all work on different things.  Also, you can mix and match what you do and it doesn't get too repetitive.  You also don't do much stomping.  There is some walking/dancing around, but it's minimal.  I hear you on the stomping--I live in a 3rd floor apartment.  Anyway, before my Wii Fit this was my main way to exercise.  It lost me 30 lbs!

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  • I'd look into some strength training. It's great for you and really important.

    I don't think a set of 10 lb weights would be too pricey. I wish I could recommend some videos, but I usually take a body pump class at the gym and would be no help. I'll bet you could find workouts online. Here's a weightlifting website that I love, for women only:

  • Hula hoop. Strengthen your core muscles while never missing a moment of Rock of Love. You can pick one up at the Target pretty cheap.

    Or you can hike in Tilden park (or the Cal botany garden, it'll be lovely in the Spring). Or just hike up to those places, lord knows thats a walk in itself. There's also the Rose garden and Cordinices park on Euclid (up the hill). The rose garden will be gorgeous in a couple of months. That's where I used to go to think when I was going to Cal. There are also couple of jogging paths I like too, one along the BART tracks and one along Frontage road.

    In case you can't tell, I like walking. :)

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  • Self magazine had this "boot camp" workout that was intervals of jumping jacks, lunges, jump rope, jogging in place, crunches, and arm strengthening exercises with 5 lb. weights. I keep telling myself this would be perfect, but I have yet to try it out.  Embarrassed 
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  • These are really good ideas.  Thanks!  Maybe I will make a Target run later this week and see what hand weights cost.  And I'm loving the hula hoop suggestion.

    Bunny - i'm definitely going to investigate that video.  I took a hip hop aerobics class years ago and it was the most fun exercise I have ever done.

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