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OK, I just have to say this....

I need to be assured that I won't have any of this recent philly-sj knot-nest  drama in my house.

Please, I don't want to have to cancel this over something so ridiculous.


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  • I seriously doubt that you'll have any of this at your GTG.  You only invited longtime Nesties that you know, right?  All of the recent drama has only been on the board for 2 days.

    Don't be paranoid about all of these Nesties you have invited to your house  Big Smile  None of them are crazies...  And all of you know each other (for the most part).....

  • Or if you find the need to rumble with someone, take the cat-fight outside.  Wink

    Seriously though, I don't think that people who hide behind random screen names on an internet message board to sling insults would dare to show themselves in person. 

    I can't wait to decorate cookies!!

    Dairy, Egg, Peanut and Strawberry Allergy Momma
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  • Ditto Cyndi.  It looks like a pretty well-behaved guest list, based on previous GTGs.

  • Thanks Cyndi ( and everyone else!)....that is reassuring!
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  • I agree with Cyndi and Lauren...from the looks of those who have RSVPd, it's mostly us veteran Nesties. 

    I think most of us have all met at least one of the people who have accepted and I know that all the girls I have met are legitimate mature women who are way too busy to make up an AE and create drama on the boards.  That being said, if there is any drama, I won't think twice about kicking the involved parties in the knees!  Ok, if anyone read my 25 Random Facebook facts, you know I'll be running as soon as it starts!  Wink

  • I would feel the same way as you, but I agree with others, that someone who hides behind a screen name to harrass people won't come out in public.  The person doesn't even put a pic in their siggy b/c they don't want to be identified.   I'm surprised the knot/nest won't do more to ban this person.  Website hits and email can be traced to a computer, and this harrassment has gotten to a point where its hurting their business (and scaring their customers).

    I know its my first GTG, but I promise I'm a legit newlywed who is excited to meet new fun ladies in SJ.

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  • Want me to be the bouncer?? I can card people at the door and break up any fights. 
  • I went to a smaller GTG before and it was really nice.  Everyone got a long fine.

    Thanks for having this, it will be a lot of fun!

  • This will only be my 2nd gtg. I hope there isn't drama...yuck!
    I can't speak like the vetrans about other gtg's, but the one in november that i was at was very calm. I was so nervous going, but put at east since everyone was so nice.
  • image DoughGirl:

    I need to be assured that I won't have any of this recent philly-sj knot-nest  drama in my house.

    With all due respect, from what I can tell the drama is completely made up by some whacko troll who may or may not be the same troll the SJ knot board has been having trouble with for months now.  I don't think it's any real drama between any real people and I certainly don't think it's any type of Philly/SJ drama.  It seems to be that this lonely pathetic man knows that a few of the girls post on both boards, so he's posting on both boards to stir the pot.  I think the reason he keeps coming here is because more often now when there are girls looking for legitimate advice on the SJ knot board, they're being told that the "old regulars" have all moved to the nest.  Likely progression, the troll comes to the nest as well.  Like I said, it doesn't seem to be any real drama, just our old friend the troll.

  • Ditto Kristy, I don't think the problem is any of the new nesties, I think it's some stupid troll stirring up some fake DRAMA, at the same time, I can understand the concern about not wanting drama in your house.  The whole situation sucks and hopefully the troll goes away real soon.

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