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How do you pronounce Quileute?

I don't recall hearing it in the movie, so I'm pronouncing it "K-eye-you-tay", and Jacob's friend Quil "K-eye" (like the name Kai).

Am I totally off base? 


Re: How do you pronounce Quileute?

  • I say /quill-yoot/. That's what I thought...
  • Quail-lute?  Thats how I say it, sometimes.  I can never say it right.
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  • Kill-yoot? That's how I think they say in the movie.
  • KWIL-ee-ewt is what it says on Wiki.
  • Quil(like Jacob's friend) - E- ute

    I think DP said the same thing. sorry

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  • Quill - ette

    I have no idea how it's supposed to be pronounced

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  • I will admit - me, my MIL and SIL (as well as my poor DH) went to the west coast this past summer and actually spent some time in Forks. We met a Quileute indian - how I remember her saying it was Quil-yoot. (But I'll check with my MIL - I am a Twilight fan, she is a definite Twihard fanatic!!!)
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  • image DamnPrecious:
    KWIL-ee-ewt is what it says on Wiki.

    Ditto. Jacob says it that way in the movie too.

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  • image Cassian:

    image DamnPrecious:
    KWIL-ee-ewt is what it says on Wiki.

    Ditto. Jacob says it that way in the movie too.

    Also on the audio books. 


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