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If DH says.....

"Maybe the clomid making you so cranky"  I can kill him right??

Re: If DH says.....

  • Absolutely!! 
    MC #1 12/06 MC #2 10/07 MC#3 10/08 *Forever Missed* Diagnosed with MTHFR 10/09 but was told it is not the reason for my "unexplained IF"
    Diagnosed with High FSH, low folical count, and absent anti mullerian count 08/11
  • Yes and I'll come over to help you hide the evidence.
    [url=][img][/img][/url] [IMG][/IMG]

    [url=]Also Known As...the Wife[/url][/center]
  • Awww thanks sgtm'swife!!, now that is a true friend lol
  • haha sure!  Even if he thinks it, he should keep his thoughts to himself at this point!!!
  • Even if it is true!!  (which is so incredibly is true) you dont say it.  It is up there with "maybe it is PMS".  Even if it is true, a man CANNOT say that!
  • Absolutley!  For example, us women can say we have pms, but men are never, ever allowed!!!   If they do dare to make the statement, we will deny it--true or not!
  • sounds fair to me!
    Dairy, Egg, Peanut and Strawberry Allergy Momma
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  • oh sister, just wait till you are will want to kill him at least once a week...I know I wanted to stab Marc in the eye quite often during the last nine months...
  • The correct response to that is, "Maybe the testicles are making you so stupid." 

  • image NYGirlie07:

    The correct response to that is, "Maybe the testicles are making you so stupid." 

    Thank you!  You always crack me up!  Yes

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