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wedding question

hi gals -

i realize this is a "wedding/knot question," but who better to ask than people who are already married?

i am currently deciding on what to get as gifts for my bridal party, but most importantly, our parents. any ideas?

my parents are the greatest people i know and footing the bill for this ridiculous thing and i want to get them something uber meaningful. i thought about getting the moms cool 8x10 frames from calypso and/or sticks with a handwritten letter thanking them for all they have done and telling them how important they are, but otherwise i don't know what to get them.

any suggestions and/or advice is appreciated!

Re: wedding question

  • We ended up giving our parents really nice leather bound albums of our wedding pictures. It was nice because it had been a while since the whole family had been together for pictures on both sides. My sister got our parents really neat sea turtle souvenirs/sculptures from their honeymoon in Hawaii. Something she knew they would really love and appreciate.  Obviously both of those gifts came after the wedding but we let them know ahead of time we had something for them, they just had to wait to get it.
  • This was very specific to my wedding, but maybe it could give you an idea!  For the moms I gave them both snowflake pins to wear on the day of the wedding and I also had one in my bouqet (yeah, still cannot spell that word) to symbolize the families mom wears hers every year on our anniversary!  For my MIL I had a poem framed...It was really cute...right now I am sure it is in the attic :(

    Another thing we gave them Willow Tree jewlery boxes with cute sayings in them.  My parents footed the whole entire bill of the wedding besides the rehearsal diner and I had no idea what to do to thank them, so I completely understand where you are coming from.  Good luck...I am sure you will find something absolutely perfect!

  • I also gave them nice albums from shutterfly of our wedding pictures. They are so cool and I think they both liked them. I also wrote them a nice letter in a card that I gave them the night of the rehearsal. 

    I agree, it is hard to think of something! 

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  • Thanks ladies! The wedding is not until June, so I have a little bit of time, but I know it will fly by.
  • We got ours a set of really nice wine glasses and then afterwards I did an album through for each set.  They absolutely loved the album...I think everyone they know/meet has now seen it.
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  • My mom footed the bill for our entire wedding, so I gave her a jewelry set that she wanted but refused to buy for herself.  It was a sapphire ring and necklace. 
  • We paid for our entire wedding ourselves so we didn't get our parents gifts (actually at their request). However, I would have included the moms in with the gift I got my bridesmaids. The dads would have been really tough!

    For my bridesmaids, I paid for their manicures, pedicures, and mini-massages for the wedding.

    H got his groomsmen things that they've been wanting, but wouldn't ever buy for themselves. One got a personalized handcrafted Welcome to the *Smith* House sign and a movie series. The other got some sports related thing. I think the guys loved their gifts more than the girls did!

    The ushers, my cousins who we are only kind of close to, received gift cards.


  • Our parents got personalized embroidered handkercheives then photos after the wedding.  My girls got personalized engraved jewelry boxes and earrings/necklace to wear in the wedding.  All the guys got personalized engraved dog tag necklaces with a nickname on them. 

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  • I bought our parents each a nice Isabel Bloom sculpture.  I totally understand wanting to get them something special to say thank you.  I had a hard time coming up with a gift idea, but they ended up loving the sculptures!
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  • We also wanted to get the parents a nice gift so we bought an 8x 10 of our engagement picture, and then had them framed and matted at Michaels for them.  They loved it!

    For my girls I paid for $50 of each of their dresses, and then gave them gift cards to their favorite restaurants and movie passes.

    The boys my husband got them pocket watches with their initials on them.  I think.... it seems like so long ago.


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  • We got our parents these signs about family and home. Each one said either Family or home and then had a quote behind them.  I got them at Von Maur.  Then we also got each set a GC to their favorite resturant so they could enjoy some alone time.
  • We got parents a nice 5x7 album for our wedding pictures with a note that said we'd fill the album with whichever pics they wanted after the wedding. ?We got DH's parents a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
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