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What did I miss?!

I just caught up on the posts below but it seems the drama has been deleted?  What happened?  I'm so curious!

Angela, I loved your response in my announcement post over there, thanks!  I'm sorry -- it sounds like you were attacked.  Stupid McJeep again?

Thanks to everyone for supporting me and sticking up for me.  I feel badly that it has caused drama but I still stand in my opinion that she shouldn't have posted it.  It wasn't hers to post.

Thank goodness we have this board!  I love that it's REAL and honest :)

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Re: What did I miss?!

  • Actually the drama from last night is under the post from PAAZwife titled "MrsStover2B".  I'm trying to think of something to say but don't want to get on there and post what I really think...but then again I am a snob so I'm sure they expect that from me. 

    I hope you are doing well Christina!!!!  I can't wait to hear about your birth story and see pics of that precious baby. 

  • Hey, Christina!  How is everything going?  Are you getting any sleep?

    Lots of drama fo' yo mamma, but I think it has settled down a bit.  I completely agree that the original post wasn't hers to post either, and that's why I posted a snide remark.  Maybe I should have been a little nicer about it, but at the time, I was really fired up.  I kept thinking, "Who does that?!?!"  I apologized for my tone, but apparently that wasn't enough. 

    Then PAAZ stepped in to bash Angela for not nice.  Did you see the post on the baby board?  I think it's still there.  I was really surprised with her post, especially since I knew about PAAZ's pregnancy weeks before she posted on the local board (since she had posted on the 1st tri board).  Did I call her out?  Absolutely not.  That was her news to share....just like the birth of Ethan was yours.  Some people....

  • Sorry for the drama Christina!!!   I just felt the desire to stick up for you and what was right.   It's still there -- read it, print it for Ethans baby book - we will all laugh about this one day!!! 
  • image JTB2004:

    drama fo' yo mamma

    Jill you literally made me LOL at work.  I also agree that while yes we all know these are public message boards, that news of that nature is for the person to decide how they want it given out.  She knew you had a plan in place to post the news and still posted anyway.  I don't understand how everyone (minus those here obviously) over there wouldn't rake her over the coals for that. 

  • Ok, I found it.  Thanks for catching me up.  I cannot believe she called Angela out like that.  They are making it high school.

    Yes, it was posted on a public message board but seriously, how many central pa baby boarders go on SAIF?  Even if they do, who would think it was appropriate to post it after KNOWING what I intended?  That is the issue I take with this whole thing.  I don't need to rehash it here all know how I feel about it.

    Things are continuing to go well... thank you!  My milk came in yesterday and I'm learning about engorgement... holy crap!  Along with milk and engorgement came some hormones and some crying yesterday but I'm feeling better today... at least for now.  I LOVE being a mom so far and seriously couldn't do it w/o Matt here.  He has been amazing.  I'm incredibly thankful that we are working as a team.  I look over at Ethan right now and just smile... he's so darn sweet :)

    I came on here and got some laughs from you girls today too so that is helping :)  

    Ok, time to go feed him again.  Then our first pediatrician appt.  Big day today :)  It will be nice to get out of the house and get some sunshine.

    I'm working on a link to pics today too.

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  • Glad to hear everything is going so well, Christina.  Isn't it just like a massive amount of emotions all rolled into one right now?  Even if you mean to laugh, you might just come out crying.  Mark and I still look at our kids and say, "How the heck did we make something so wonderful?" 

    Glad to hear your milk finally came in.  Try a couple of warm compresses if you need it (Dawn gave me that tip!). 

    Thanks for the update!  We look forward to hearing more (and of course, seeing pictures!)

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