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Lost anyone? *now with spoilers*

Does anyone watch Lost?  Or will I have to venture elsewhere...

BTW we fill up our first full page of posts (awwww)

Re: Lost anyone? *now with spoilers*

  • I'm here with you!  Looking forward to tonight.
  • omg, you watch Lost!  Is last week's episode on first tonight?
  • We caught up with last weeks episode and hope to catch tonight's too!
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  • Suffering through American Idol until the new episode...can't wait!
  • Wow!!  This season is off to a great start. It seems like there is just so much info revealed so far. 

    Why does Richard wear black eyeliner?  That is my big question I want answered. 

  • Great Episode!  Young Widmore?!?
  • I totally called it!  I said that was him right after he asked Richard if this guy knew the island better than him.

    So nice they called the baby Charlie.

    Do you think the blond girl with the gun is young Ms. Hawking (also Daniel's mom)? Who is Daniel's dad?  Widmore?

    Why was Widmore so cooperative?

  • I nearly died when they revealed it was a young Charles Widmore.  This time traveling stuff is tough to keep up with!  I thought it was really sweet that Desmond and Penny named their son Charlie :)

    I'm not sure Richard is wearing eyeliner, lol.  I think his eyelashes are just that dark and thick that it gives off the impression of eyeliner.  At least that's what I think...

    Great episode though, and I can't wait til next week!

  • i was shocked to learn that guy was young you guys think the lady in the meat shop last week was daniel's mom?  for some reason i had that feeling, not so sure why.


    can i just say that i am in *love* with desmond. Stick out tongue

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