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Ok -- I am in charge of February for Brandy.   What do you think -- CAncel it and hold our own small gtg?   But then there are a few ppl whom I would invite as well, or go with it and invite the entire board?  

Re: GTG's

  • I've been thinking about that, too, since I remembered it used to be Brandy's month.  One thought I had....just restricted to us to all go visit Brandy (provided she is okay with that), and make it a GTG brought to her....and maybe we could even have it be a theme night where we wear pjs, so Brandy doesn't even have to get dressed, and definitely not out of bed.

    Otherwise, if we do a restaurant or something, we might as well open it up to everyone.  We all know who will actually show up even when it is open to everyone. 

  • btw - loved your follow-up post on the baby board!
  • I think that's a great idea Jill (as long as you agree Brandy!)  We could get take out and just hang out!
  • I was thinking how to include Brandy -- A pjs night at Brany's sounds awesome -- as long as she agrees!!!    Great idea Jill! 
  • PJ party sounds like an awesome idea Jill.  I've been thinking about the GTGs lately too.  Most of the newer girls on the central pa board act like they are going to come to the GTGs but never come anyway.  Remember, York and Lancaster are in like another country so they can't make the drive to Harrisburg. 

  • When is the Feb. GTG, the 9th?
  • LOL at Lesli with the whole other country comment Yes

    I'm totally up for this as well.  I have to teach Pilates until 6 but I would be there!

  • Aw, you girls almost made me cry.  That would be so nice if everyone doesn't mind.  It would probably give dh a little break from having to be here 24/7 to wait on me as well.  And here I wasn't even going to read this post since I knew I wouldn't be able to make it!
  • Aww, this sounds like such a nice idea!
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  • ok - a pj takeout gtg it is --- Let me know what dates are available for you!!! 
  • Well we all know my schedule is open.  Except for the 8th, that's the day of my shower!
  • Am I your foreign friend? Smile  I love international travel. 

    I think that is a good idea for the gtg. Should I just let the google group die? Nobody has used it. Does anyone know who has March?

  • Yes are our foreign friend!  LOL! 

    Here is the hosts for the year

    Jan - mrsjohnnyg12206

    Feb - banbear2...which is now MrsStover2B

    Mar - DrVWife

    April - stbnbloom (she is like NEVER on the boards)

    May - jjenkins

    June - pepomntpat

    July - Me&MrT (we will all be there!!!)

    Aug - PennyLane06

    Sept - Christina617

    Oct - JTB2004

    Nov - MrsStover2B

    Dec - LClaire

  • At least our little group here is controlling most of these gtg's!!!
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