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Need advice please. I'm such a.....


I'll make this as brief as possible.  Some of you may remember me bitching about my brother, who moved to Colorado and stayed with us for "a month or so," which of course turned into 4 months.  During that time, he irritated the crap out of us with his general loser, mooching, douchebaggery.  He didn't contribute a sinlge thing, not dinner one night, he didn't even buy his own shampoo!  We *almost* had to kick him out, but luckily he got the hint when we moved and made clear that he wasn't coming to the new house with us.

Luckily, the whole thing ended without a blowup, and he is still unaware of how close we came to killing him.  Since then, we've had him over for dinner about once a week or so, and he spent xmas and New Years with us.

He's decided to move back home after he was laid off from his job here.  Initially, he asked to stay with us "for a few weeks."  I politely nixed that idea.  Then it was just this weekend, as he needs to wait for his final pay check on Monday and will then drive back home.  Fine.

Today he called (4 times!) wanting to come over tonight.  I know it's just one extra night, but I'm soooo friggin sick of him at this point, I can hardly stand more than a few hours at a time (not to mention my irritation at him calling four seperate times.)  DH and I planned a night of drinking and ....other stuff...tonight.  So I told Bro no.  But now I feel bad!  The kid is leaving town, and I'm not likely to see him again till xmas.  But the thought of spending tonight, all day tomorrow, all day Sunday and likely Monday night with him makes my brain bleed!

So, tell me to suck it up and be a good sister.  I need some support!

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Re: Need advice please. I'm such a.....

  • I have mixed feelings when it comes to helping out lackluster family members so my best advice would be to go with your gut feeling.  Also, have a few Drinks Drinks Drinks Drinks Drinks Drinks either way
  • honestly - screw him! Hes a big boy and needs to solve his own problems. He needs to find a friends house to stay with or (gasp!) get a freakin hotel room. Don't feel guilty! What if he had no family living close? He'd have to do those things anyways. Maybe he'd get a job sooner if he wasn't so comfortably mooching off family.


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