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Introduce yourself.......

Since I am new to the local board, and not much has been said, Please introduce yourself..............Maybe first name, city location, how did you and your husband meet?


I will go first......... my husband and I recently bought a house in Parkville, MO, we have a black lab, named riley, and we are high school sweethearts. ;0)

Re: Introduce yourself.......

  • Oooh, ooh, I love these! (Sorry it's been so slow, a couple of the ladies had to go have babies:o) and like someone said yesterday, it kind of tends to go in spurts, really busy and then really slow.

    ?My DH and I live in Topeka, used to be Manhattan for 7 years, and we were both raised in the KC area (family is still there). We have a dog and 3 cats and we met when we were the MOH and BM in my sister and BIL's wedding :o)?

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  • I'll play!

    I'm Christi.

    H and I live in Manhattan (for a few more months until he gets his PhD and then we have no clue where we are going).

    We met in college - he was one of the first boys in what had been a girls' only dorm. I actually got to know him for a friend of mine who thought he was cute.


    We have two dogs - an English Cocker spaniel named Max and a GSP named Trixie - H hunts with both of them.


    Thanks for starting this poll! 

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  • I am Jenni.

    Not technically in KC yet, but my husband's job is getting transferred there March/April. We will be living in the Northland area.

    We met in a bar in college. Not sure how we will be tweaking the story when my daughter is older!

    Right now we have one daughter and one cat!

  • Hi! ?I'm Katie.

    ?My husband and I live in Lee's Summit, but we both went to school at K-State and just moved to the Metro after our wedding in May. ?We met in Manhattan at the church we both attended. ?

    DH works from home, and I'm looking for an infant to babysit in our home to bring in a little spending money for myself (If any of you know anyone who's looking for someone, let me know!). ??

    We have one dog now, a cocker spaniel mix (Boo) and we'll get our second dog (We haven't decided on her name yet) on the 30th of this month!!??



  • Hi All! 

    We both grew up in the Northland and still live here.

    I am a teacher, he is a police officer. We have an orange tabby cat, a giant black lab mix, and a parakeet.

    I LOVE telling people we met in the police station. It's fun to watch their faces as they try and figure that one out...  I went to do a ride along with one of my friends and I met him that night. We ended up hanging out several times after that and our first date was to his work Christmas party.

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  • Hello and welcome to the board. My name is Melissa and my husbands name is Josh. We live in Lees Summit and we met while in college in Minnesota. We have a 2 year old black lab name Leia and 3 week old twin girls named Claire and Lillian.?
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  • I'm Jennie, my hubby is Brett we live in the Northland and have a baby girl on the way! I am an Associate Underwriter for over-the-road truckers and Brett is a Firefighter/Paramedic.

    We met in Psych class our first year of college...two crazies met in the class about crazies! :)~

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  • I am Amanda, my H and I live in Topeka. We met when we both went to Emporia State. We have a cat named Kitty and a son who just turned two named Cameron. :)
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  • Gosh, Emo, I remember when you were pregnant - hard to believe it's been two years!

     I'm Keri, hubby is Jeremy. I'm not on here much anymore but maybe we'll get this board going again. We live in Lawrence. No animals or kids yet... boring huh! We met when he was in the Army and I was in college in Texas - my roommate was dating his best friend, and they introduced us primarily so Jeremy would be willing to drive his best friend to our town on weekends. :) They broke up shortly after, and we're still together over 8 years later, go figure!

  • My name is Lynsey.  My H and I live in Raymore, MO...we just moved here in July.  We hope to move back to Columbia, Mo (our hometown) in the near future.

    We have a 3 year old Beagle (mix, we think...found her on the side of the road) Beagle named Lucky.  She is awesome! :)  No kids for us for a few years.  

    We were just married in June.  We are both x-ray techs and we are high school sweethearts.

  • Hi all! I'm Emily. DH & I live in Lee's Summit w/our 3-wk-old son Ben (I think there were 4 KC nestie babies born in a 2-wk span!). No pets right now, although I'd love to get another cat some time. DH & I met online when I moved to KC for grad school.
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  • I am Bree, my hubby Anthony and I met through a mutual friend. Actually she told me he "wasn't my type". That was about 6 years ago!

    Anyway, we live in Lenexa and have 3 bad kitties! My hubby has a 19 year old son from his previous marriage, but he lives in Seattle. We only hear from him when he wants $$$.

    I am an x-ray tech and DH is a computer tech for H&R Block.

  • Sorry, I'm a few days behind!

    I'm Crystal and my DH is Kyle. Currently, we call Olathe and Zurich Switzerland our home - although I liked in downtown KCMO right before we moved. DH was transferred for a 2 year assignment but I split my time.

    DH and I dated in high school for a couple of month but broke up and didn't speak for 5 years. We met back up in college (he went to KSU I went to ESU) and started dating again.

    I'm in real estate and am super lucky to get to work with my FIL (although he's been nice enough to take on the brunt of the work since I'm not always around). DH is an IT VP for a reinsurance company.

  • DH and I currently live in Manhattan but are moving to KC in May.  DH and I met at work and dated 2 1/2 years before getting married just a few days ago on Jan. 10.
  • I am Jessica and my DH is Lance.  We both grew up in small towns in western KS and met going to school at Fort Hays State.  I swear we are not hicksSmile.  No children for us yet, but we have 1 dog that keeps our hands full. 

    Been in the KC area for 4 years.  We live in Gardner right now and hate it.  Hopefully we will move sometime this year!

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