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I was lurking on the bump tonight and DUDE what are they talking about....I feel I am intuned with my body but WOW they are some girls over there that are for real serious! I am just astonished as to everything that goes into TTC. One chick did have a "glossary" that I had to keep up in another tab to understand what was being said....I found it quite helpful incase you ever need it!
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  • Yeah, I looked over there once out of kind of scared me! There's so much that has to go right and so much that can go wrong. We're not even talking about it yet but I'm already slightly worried. Geez. :)
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  • I didn't even go there because I didn't want to get scared/worried!  I stopped taking BC in May and in 3 months, bam!  I know it isn't that easy for some, and I really feel bad for the girls that TTC consumes so much of their life!!
  • oh yea i mean dont get me wrong, I feel for everyone ttc but cant but its like a whole other language over there!
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  • haha oh's crazy. Charting and all the stuff!
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  • Yeah, I haven't gone to that board. I didn't want to worry myself. We started taking the vitamins in June and got off of BC in August. Then found out in October we were expecting. I had a friend who is having problems and found a couple ladies who told them it could take up to a year. So we had talked and made ourselves aware that is could take a year. Of course, when it took less than a year,we were excited.
  • Yeah I can't get into these boards either. I looked on getting pregnant once, and it just made it seem like getting pregnant was a job or just something to be done, not to enjoy. We are going to take our time, I am off BC and if it happens great but if not I am not doing all the charting and stuff yet.
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