March 2008 Weddings
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Let's Get this place Hoppin!

I know stupid to say but there has not been a post in awhile...what are everyone's plans for their anniversaries....its comin up fast!
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Re: Let's Get this place Hoppin!

  • Since ours is a Sunday, we are thinking of staying at the same hotel we stayed at the night of the wedding and renting the suite again.  But with money being tight, that might not happen.

     Any good alternate ideas?

  • Well, orginally we were going to go to Gatlinburg TN, rent a cabin for a long weekend and do that ....BUT since money is tight here as well, we have debated renting a room in this really really nice hotel downtown for the night OR going up north and staying in that same suite on Saturday the 28th instead of the 29th.....also debated just going to one of the fusion resturants in town and a movie.....I am not having any of those "creative" moments right now......what is everyone else thinking? DH tried to tell me he is getting me the other band to go on the other side of my E Ring but I told him absolutely not, I think I want that band after I have our first child.....
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  • We are leaving for a Western Caribbean cruise the day after our anniversary. The countdown is on... I am in need of some warmer weather!!!
  • Southwest was (is?) having an awesome sale so we're going to New Orleans for a week!! Round trip we're paying $62 (DH had a flight credit as well) so that really made it affordable. We're using some credit card points to help with hotel rooms, etc. NO is one of out all time favorite cities so we're really excited. 

    On snapfish there's a digital scrapbook called The Past Year that I want to make to show off pics from our first year od marriage. We're not doing presents since we're doing a trip...but the scrapbook is $35 so Ithink I can sneak that in. :)

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  • We had planned on either NY or Gatlinburg...but since I'll be almost 30 weeks pg by then those plans are shot!  I'm not sure what we will be doing, but nothing fancy.
  • We are actually leaving tomorrow for a 12 day trip to Florida and the Bahamas- DH has never flown before! but for the weekend of our anniversy we will probably go on a weekend trip to monterey- its where we got engaged.


  • Not sure...something small since we are house hunting now. He did mention that we maybe would get a room at B and B for the weekend! Very romantic which is soo not like him, so we will hope for the best.
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  • For our honeymoon, we went to St. Lucia and had talked about going to another caribbean island (Antigua) for our anniversary. However, we were not able to predic the economy would be the way it is right now. My husbands work is fine and will most likely remain fine. My job of course is laying off people and has cut my hours to 32 a week. Plus, our dog has allergies where we have to give her a shot every two weeks. With all the vet visits to Louisville and the cost of her shots add up after a while. So, we discussed that we probably shouldn't take the trip this year since we also have our baby due in July anyways.

    My husband said someday we will go to Antigua, back to St. Lucia, Alaska, and Spain, just may take a little longer than planned.

    Instead we will prolly go out to eat, rent some movies, and hang out with daisy.

  • We will have a new little one just before our anniversary so we talked about just going out to dinner.  We'll plan to go away for our anniversary in a few years.
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