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Reading the night away?

Am I the only one who is staying in and reading on NYE?! I feel so old and "blah" for basically having no life (le sigh), but maybe a cozy blanket, my slippers, and New Moon will be just what I need tonight.

Re: Reading the night away?

  • I'm not, but I wouldn't be upset if I was. I'm just sitting around waiting for MH to finish primping so we can leave.
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  • No your not, we stayed home tonight and just hung out and I just finished reading The I can start tomorrow with a fresh book. ?With the wind chill here it is -11 so I am glad we didn't venture out. ?Happy New Yearimage
  • We stayed in tonight but DH has been watching tv and I have been nesting. We are boring also

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  • The BF went out with friends, but I decided to stay in. Our dog died a year ago today, so I wasn't in the partying mood. I'm hoping Bad Dogs Have More Fun will make me feel better. Happy reading!!
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    The BF went out with friends, but I decided to stay in. Our dog died a year ago today, so I wasn't in the partying mood. I'm hoping Bad Dogs Have More Fun will make me feel better. Happy reading!!


    Aw I'm sorry about your dog! I know how you feel (in a way)- my Dad died 2 years ago NYE morning... so NYE is always tough for me now. Last year I was PG with DD so that blew. No alcohol .... DH and DS sleeping way before midnight.... haha. This year I drank a little but I'm so tired it's just making me want to go to bed!

    I haven't picked my book up at all today- I feel bad. But I will read at least a few pages before bed. I can't sleep without my last thoughts of Jamie! =) Oh how I love Voyager.

  • We stayed in last night & I destroyed 200 pages of the stand while DH mixed chemicals so he can develop some film tomorrow.?

    We watched the ball drop and had a kiss & toast at 12:00, then went back to what we were doing.

    When we were going to bed, DH said it was his favorite NYE ever ;) ?

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  • We went out to dinner, then came home and watched a movie.  We watched the ball drop, said "happy new year!" and then I finished Dead Until Dark.
  • I feel even more old! lol My fiance was over, and we went out to dinner with his mom.  Then we watched the ball drop at midnight eastern time, kissed, and I went to bed.  The catch...we are in California. LOL  I had to get up at 5:30am for work today, so there was no way I was staying up till midnight our time!  Oh, I read for a bit in bed (Outlander).  It was a good NYE.
  • We did nothng and I loved it.  My husband built a fire and I sat in front of it reading all night while he watched football and we ate munchies.  Sad thing is I hope to be pregnant for the next New Year's Eve and so this was our last year to live it up and we had no desire to--we are officially old! Smile
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  • I read the night away too. (Surprise, surprise!) My oldest was in Tahoe with my parents, the younger two were in bed, DH was looking for/downloading music from itunes so I got cozy on the sofa and finished Living Dead in Dallas. I had about 100+ pages left and wanted to finish before midnight. I did it with 4 minutes to spare!! I was dorkily excited to log one more book for '08.
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  • We went to a little family GTG but came home by 8 to get the little one to bed. ?DH watched TV and I read. ?We both were asleep by 11. ?Total lamesauce.
  • It feels so good to not be alone.

    Going out on NYE has come to feel overated, plus I was sick. I had some shrimp cocktail, read some LAMB and Nicholas Spark wile watching the countdown, toasted and kissed and midnight and went to bed.?

    Perfect night!?

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