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Has anyone seen the mini-series of The Stand?

I just ordered it from Amazon. I heard it was really good. It's about 6-hours long!
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Re: Has anyone seen the mini-series of The Stand?

  • It's good!  Of course, they cut out a lot (impossible not to) but they cover the main points of the book.  I put in on my netflix a while back, but it always has an unknown status.  It's been on TV a few times.

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  • Was that the one with Gary Sinise?


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  • It was on TV a couple weekends ago and we watched it. I thought it was pretty good, although I haven't read the book so not sure how it compares!! I think there were 4 2 hour parts, so 8 hours?
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  • I've seen it, but it's been a long time. Some of the casting was just?impeccable, namely Tom Cullen and Nick. Some of the others were close, but those two were exactly spot on.?
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  • No.  Sorry.  The one I was thinking of was on ABC years and years ago.  I think it was one of the first things I ever saw Gary Sinise in.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • The link to Amazon is for the one with Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, etc. I liked it when I saw it years ago, but some of it (namely bits in part 4) look ridiculous. Can't blame them though, sometimes it's hard to put a visual on a SK scene.?
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  • Oh yes, I still have this on VHS!  My dad taped it for me because I was STILL reading it when it originally aired.
  • I just finished the book this week, and now I want to see it...but as pp said, silly Netflix doesn't have it yet...I wonder why??  I've heard it's not a bad adaptation though obviously some little things get lost in translation.
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  • Given that:

    1) it was made for tv

    2) it was probably fairly low-budget

    3) SK movie adaptations have failed more often than they've succeeded

    it was pretty darn good.  I consider it one of the successes.

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